New Legendary Artifact - Li Vessel
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  • 3
Greetings Leaders,

A brand new Legendary Artifact is now available! The Li Vessel focuses on bolstering the APC unit to overwhelm your enemies with Heavy Infantry Units!
New Legendary War Artifact - Maori War Club
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  • 10
Greetings Leaders,

A brand new Legendary War Artifact is now available! The Maori War Club is an artifact that focuses on bolstering your Defensive builds. You can get a shot at obtaining this artifact with the Maori War Club Legendary chest on Sale Now!
The Season of Allegiance 10/27-11/20
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  • 29
Tomorrow is the beginning of the Season of Allegiance, a season in which we’re giving increased stats to a very large number of Units, Buildings, and Tactics. During this Season of Allegiance leaderboard, you’ll want to try and build a composition based around these bonuses to gain the upper hand! These bonuses will only be available during this Leaderboard period and will give the opportunity for you to try out units you may have not used before, or try brand-new strategies!

The following bonuses will be applied to everyone:
• +30% All Resources Stolen
• +30% Victory Stars Loot Amount
• -50% Alliance Law Donations Cost
• +25% Coalitions Power
• +50% Alliance Speed Up Request Power
• +100% Alliance Perk Power

The following troops, tactics, and buildings will be boosted for the duration of the event:
• +50% Paratrooper Damage & Hitpoints
• +100% Ranged Siege Hitpoints
• +30% Ranged Siege Damage against Buildings
• +100% Supply Cart Hitpoints
• +50% Wall Breacher Damage
• +50%...
Drone Command - A closer look
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Greetings Leaders,

Things have been quite busy over the last few months! We’ve been hard at work implementing the next steps for introducing Drone Command, the titular building for Drone Age! In August, we gave you a sneak peek at the latest building to be implemented into DomiNations. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at what that brings to your arsenal with the addition of Directives, Offensive Drones, Defensive Drones, and War Defensive Drones. Directives are the core of the Drone Command experience, and they’re going to be taking center stage here today.


As we shared in our August update, the Drone Command building will start with One Offensive Drone and One Defensive Drone, then a separate War Defensive Drone that will be active on Defense to give you additional strategic flexibility when joining in World Wars. Each will have a core set of Directives that you can freely swap in and out before battle. When...
DomiNations Update v11.2.5 - Oil Resource Update
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Greetings Leaders,

Update 11.2.5 is rolling out live with multiple backend updates, some of which include network stability in battle scenarios. This update also includes a major revision to Oil with increased resource generation and how looting Oil from an enemy base works.

Many of you have been very vocal in asking for an update to Oil, a resource that is a necessity at higher ages as it helps to train some of the most impactful units in your Army compositions. We agree that as we continue to add Ages, they continue to gain more dependency on this resource exclusively. We’ve come to a point where updating how you collect this resource is also in need of an update to continue to remain on pace with each subsequent update and to improve the future state of DomiNations.

In the Oil Update, you can expect the following changes:
  • Increased Oil Storage and Oil Generation
  • Reducing the amount of Oil Stolen at earlier Ages from Defending bases while keeping the amount...
October Legendary Token Calendar
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  • 18
Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens. Here's a look into what's coming up in October:
DomiNations Sitrep #1
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Greetings Leaders,

Welcome to our first Sitrep!

For the future of DomiNations, we wanted to be able to share the content you, as Leaders, can look forward to, all in one easy place. Our goal with Sitrep is to bring you up to speed on the state of DomiNations, including new features, updates, and opportunities for the community to get involved.

The team has been hard at work on upcoming features for Drone Age. We just released a teaser of things you can begin to think about regarding the Drone Command building. However, that doesn’t mean we have been leaving other aspects of DomiNations behind. We’re taking a look across the board at the economy of resources within the game and listening to player feedback that you’ve been sharing on the forum and social. We’re also looking at Troops across the ages, your experiences with features, and how players approach combat. Thanks to your generous feedback and passion, I’m happy to share that we have a few updates in the works!

85% Cap...
Prepare For Drone Command
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We hope you’ve been enjoying the new upgrades that came along with Drone Age earlier this Summer! We’ve been hard at work implementing the next step for the latest Age to DomiNations and thought we might be able to give you an update on what’s to come.
Council Chambers Councilor Update
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Greetings Leaders,

We’ve been keeping an eye on the feedback in regards to the Council Chambers and how we can make this a much more rewarding experience. In this hotfix, we’re adjusting councilor stats so that they are a bit more impactful with your civilizations! All Councilors’ stats for 1-4 stars have received stat increases for both Peace and War, Legendary Councilors received no updates. As an example, we wanted to highlight a few councilors to give you an idea of what to expect.

  • War
    • 1 Star
      • Ranged Siege Damage 1 > 8
    • 2 Star
      • Ranged Siege Damage 3 > 10
      • Coalition Troop Damage 3 > 7
    • 3 Star
      • Ranged Siege Damage 6 > 12
      • Coalition Troop Damage 5 > 9
      • Invading Bazooka Hitpoints -5 > -9
    • 4 Star
      • Ranged Siege Damage 12 > 15
      • Coalition Troop Damage 9 > 12
      • Invading Bazooka Hitpoints -9 > -11
      • Invading Generals Damage -8 > -10
Technical Test: Sign Ups Open
  • 3,219
  • 14
We’re looking for players to participate in an upcoming playtest to help us with a few backend updates that we’re performing to the engine coming to DomiNations later this year.
DomiNations v11.1 Update
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  • 23
DomiNations Update v11.1 is rolling out! In addition to minor bug fixes, this update introduces a new Seasonal Alliance Leaderboard tab to the Seasonal Leaderboards.
August Token Calendar
  • 4,028
  • 3
Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens. Here's a look into what's coming up in August!
Summer for the Ages 2022
  • 5,663
  • 15
Pull out that sunscreen, and grab your volleyball net and surfboards! We're kicking off our annual Summer for the Ages event!
Legendary Token Calendar: July
  • 4,432
  • 9
Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens. Here's a look into what's coming up in July:

7/1 - 7/8
  • Arm Reliquary of Charlemagne - 300 tokens
  • Napoleon's Bicorne Hat - 100 tokens
7/8 - 7/15
  • ASDIC Type 113X - 300 tokens
  • Gemini 8 Helmet - 100 tokens
7/15 - 7/22
  • ASM-135 Anti-Satellite Missile - 300 tokens
  • Nefertiti Bust - 100 tokens
7/22 - 7/29
  • Enigma Machine - 300 tokens
  • Vz-9 Avrocar - 100 tokens
7/29 - 8/1
  • Capt. McConnell's Hero Ensemble - 300 tokens
  • Tokugawa Ieyasu's Helmet - 100 tokens
DomiNations v11.0.1 Update
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  • 4
Greetings Leaders,

We hope you’re all enjoying the latest additions to DomiNations with Drone Age. We still have plenty more on the way this summer, and in preparation for an ideal experience in the future we’re covering some of the issues that came about at the launch of the newest Age.

Patch 11.0.1 features the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where Estates and Houses would revert back to their Dawn Age art after upgrading to Drone Age.
  • Corrected the Range on Redoubts, they should now be able to strike incoming aerial units as they originally used to pre-patch 11.0
  • AFV Trap was found to be spawning Level 3 AFV Defenders with incorrect stats, this is now corrected.
  • Drone Age players attempting to use Norden Bombsight would receive a crash. This issue has been resolved and Drone Age players can now utilize Norden Bombsight without issue.
  • Fixed an issue with “Free” Council Recruitments that would cost food, these should now be corrected as Free Recruitments...
Welcome to the Drone Age
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Greetings Leaders,

We are celebrating DomiNations 7th year, and we’re very excited to say the time has finally arrived to introduce our 16th Age, The Drone Age. You’ve waged battle alongside us for seven years through the ages, and for players who have progressed through the Information Age, a new set of upgrades await! The Drone Age will make its way to your devices in our next DomiNations 11.0 Release. This update includes new art upgrades to the units, buildings, and mercenaries, but that’s not all that is coming your way for Drone Age. We also have a new building, The Drone Factory, which will be released later this summer!

We’ll start by covering the upgrades available on day one. Once you reach XP level 333 you can upgrade your Town Center to Drone Age, unlocking all of the upgrades listed below. We know many of you are excited to start your planning phase, so here's the upgrade breakdown:

Drone Age Trailer
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Are you ready to enter the Drone Age? The newest Age is coming to DomiNations in update v11.0! Check out the trailer above and keep an eye out as we will have more info on what you can expect to see in Drone Age very soon.
DomiNations v10.2 Update
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  • 13
The DomiNations v10.2 Update focuses on the Council Building, including updates to Council Recruitment and Fusions!
Legendary Token Calendar: June
  • 9,322
  • 7
Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens. Here's a look into what's coming up in June:

6/1 - 6/3
  • Julius Caesar Statue - 300 tokens
  • Mask of Agamemnon - 100 tokens
6/3 - 6/10
  • Huey Armament System - 300 tokens
  • Christmas Football- 100 tokens
6/10 - 6/17
  • Desert Storm PSN-8 Manpack - 300 tokens
  • Augustus Statue Muscle Cuirass - 100 tokens
6/17 - 6/24
  • Supermarine Spitfire Engine - 300 tokens
  • Aztec Calendar - 100 tokens
6/24 - 7/1
  • ZG 1229 Vampir - 300 tokens
  • General Pershing's Bas-Relief - 100 tokens
Drone Age is almost here!
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  • 38
Greetings Leaders,
We’re here with a quick update to let you know that the release of Drone Age is almost here! The release date for Drone Age is something we see asked a lot, and we’re excited to announce that it is on the way and expected to arrive in DomiNations early this Summer. While we do not have a hard release date just yet, we can confirm that we are working towards release in Late June/July. Keep in mind that we’re still in development, and there is always the chance that the dates may shift, but we will keep you updated if anything changes.

In addition to that, we can also confirm that the required level to advance into the Drone Age will be Level 333. We’ll have more information to share soon about what you can expect to see in the Drone Age as we get closer to release!