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    Hotfix gifts not received

    Alliance members are saying the same thing, while most of us got the speed up comps, not everybody did.
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    Winter for the Ages Begins!

    Would be nice if the game developers offered a 50% reduction in upgrade times. When it takes 2 weeks or more to upgrade 1 building, there’s little incentive. Earning resources isn’t the problem, having enough workers to do anything is.
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    When “free” isn’t worth it.

    just my 2 cents, but my opinion is the council feature has been the biggest bust for free to play gamers. As in totally worthless. I don’t even bother collecting or cashing counselor packs, no point cashing hundreds of common cards to get even less common cards. At this point BHG would probably...
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    Screw ” rebalances” especially when it comes to ntg. BHG has a history of making things worse every time they claim an improvement has been done.
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    Royal match ad is becoming abuse

    1st world problems. what’s truly abusive about the Royal Match ads is the continued propagation of having a white, patriarch ruling elitist king. My people have been enslaved and abused for centuries under such people, shame on BHG for showing ads which promote supremacist intersectionality and...
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    I'm vip 15 and I have 0 customer service 10 plus days no response

    BHG doesn’t respond here. If you came looking for help from them, you won’t find it here, unfortunately.
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    Inappropriate Adds Again

    Why aren’t you using something like Luna VPN or a ad block app if you want to protect yourself and your family from inappropriate ads? Luna is free, a ad block app like WebBlock is only $2 to buy, no subscriptions.
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    State of the game

    Not much has changed.
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    WW Mismatch

    Out of curiosit, those of you that jump age as soon as you max your offenses, how do you fare in multi player battles? When I tried following that strategy of maxing only offensively, Iwas getting attacked constantly, sometimes 20+ times a day. Many a time I tried logging on only to get a pop up...
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    War matchmaking matrix appears to be broken.

    Never seen such horrible matchups these last few months. Either the war pool has shrunk considerabl,y, or there’s absolutely no algorithm when it comes to selecting teams for match ups. At this rate I imagine only those in the top 100 will be playing wars by the year’s end, with the bottom 50...
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    Glory Decay Update

    Screw the glory points altogether. Wars haven’t been balanced ever since that feature was introduced, massive amounts of alliances have stopped warring ever since. Soon only the alliances in the top 100 will be the only ones still fielding war teams, unless BHG ever decides to fix their matrix...
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    Aerial Assault Leaderboard Change

    Thanks! A worthy comp, imho.
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    Drone Age is almost here!

    BHG really needs to cut the amount of time needed to bump up in the earlier ages, otherwise the only people who’ll still be playing are those who started 6 - 7 years ago, or have unlimited $$$$, or who cheat. As it is, at a CW level, it takes two weeks on average to upgrade buildings, I would...
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    Council Card Fusion

    Yeah, the fuse function doesn’t seem very well balanced. For the most part it gives you 1 card for the price of 4.