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    Bases with ridiculous amount of Upgrading Buildings

    I have not taken any screenshots but sometimes, I encountered bases with like 10 or 20 buildings that are upgrading concurrently. I thought it was just a UI bug. So the other day, I've decided to try and attack one to see. Well, all of the upgrading buildings were not functional just like when...
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    Troop A.I.

    The troop A.I. is really messed up. Frequently, they would cluster together to break walls and enter into the base but then they will walk a short distance and break the walls again to attack the buildings outside the base. After completing that, they will again break more walls to enter the...
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    What to do?

    All my citizens now are like occupied with 1w 3d upgrades. What is there to do? I need to put down this game for a week (I hope I can still remember it after that).
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    At what level do Camels become Cars?
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    I've got my first Biplane...

    ...and I accidentally deployed it. :( *weeps in corner seeing the biplane crashed and burned.*
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    Betrayal Tactic

    The Betrayal Tactic is currently useless. Buff it or remove it from the game (to make way for other better idea tactics).
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    Storage Blessing

    Is it worth it to spend Trade Goods for Storage Blessing? Most of the time in my case, I always get very little refund for the first attack on me and the subsequent big losses are not being covered. What is your experience with it?
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    More Roads

    It will be nice to have more roads. I just love to connect the buildings together. :p
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    Storage Blessing is Stuck

    I think my Storage Blessing is somehow stucked. No matter how many times I've been attacked and how much resources I lost (up to 200K+ per attack), the Storage Blessing is still there unused. All other Blessings are used but this fler will always be around. It has been like this for 2 days...
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    League Broken?

    Is the league broken again? I can't seem to get into any leagues after battles. :(
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    CHOO! CHOO! Onward to Industrial Age!

    I started my upgrade to Industrial Age. Now waiting for the weeks to pass. - Level 119. - All Library researches completed. - All Defense Buildings upgraded. - All troops upgraded (except for Gatling Gun and the Generals). - All Generals upgraded to Level 10 only. - All Tactics upgraded. - All...
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    Industrial Age Wonders

    I'm waiting to get to Industrial Age now and I was wondering which of the Industrial Age Wonders is the best? Currently, I'm inclining towards Eiffel Tower or Kremlin.
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    Instead of messing with the troop stats

    I was thinking that instead of messing with the troop stats like constantly nerf-ing this and nerf-ing that, why don't the developers just adjust the stats for every unit troop type to test it out each month? Like we can treat the previous Cavalry buff as a "Horsie Raid Month", then maybe move...
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    What's with the Angkor Wat Nowadays?

    9 out of 10 bases in my searches have Angkor Wat nowadays. What's the deal?
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    I noticed that the Caravans became cute little cars in Industrial Age. So I was wondering... are they gonna be transformed into BMWs, Ferraris and Toyotas in later Ages? :p