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    Generals spawning their own troops

    Yeah I agree the waiting time is ABSURDLY LONG heck I'm just upgrading my crossbow to the gunpowder era level and it takes 2 days to upgrade them. If they made the upgrade times durations shorter to reach the end faster they could add this too.
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    Sun Tzu is already in game riding a tank (and summoning more tanks). For me rommel is a good choice also the other ww2 generals but there's also other candidates like Bismarck. Other nations Korea yeah Yi sun shin isn't a bad choice and for the Roman's yeah I'm very surprised Ceasar isn't in...
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    Generals spawning their own troops

    Well I noticed that some generals like Sun Tzu summons their own troops in combat but it takes a long time to unlock them so why not add this ability to the other generals in game. Like Alexander the great summoning greek units like a small number hoplites and companions or napoleon summoning...