• Instant Retrain Blessing Update
    We're working on a solution for players who have repeated issues retraining troops. If you're not encountering any problems while using the Instant Retrain Blessing, feel free to continue using the Instant Retrain Blessing. However, if you are still experiencing issues retraining troops and have used an Instant Retrain Blessing, please reach out to CS.

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    Banning policy

    Hello everyone, a quick question about “crown manipulation“. What is that supposed to mean? Reason I’m asking, a friend of mine has been banned for that. No warning, no suspension, straight ban and no explanation. He was an Info player, recently got 800 crowns as compensation and used them for...
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    University research bug

    Couldn’t say it better, thanks for sparing me a post! I actually caught it on video and sent it to CS some months ago, might have been my 5th or 6th ticket on the matter, got the standard bot reply… “we are aware, our team is investigating, we cannot give you any timeframe, we ask for you broad...
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    Who else have problems with University Speed ups?

    Everyone. Soooo frustrating. I’ve lost count of all the messages received from CS saying that they’re aware of the problem, their team is working on it but can’t give us any timeframe, asking for “your broad understanding and patience”, suggesting to check this forum, etc. etc. Always the same...