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    have seen a lot of ideas on upgrade/research time

    Generally I see requests to lower the times for the earlier ages, which makes sense from a business standpoint. I rarely see people asking for highest age times to be reduced (except when the new age releases. I expect drone age times approaching a month). the early ages aren’t competitive like...
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    Summer of Ages 2022?

    Quite a few suggestions have been made to cut the build and research times for lower ages. In order to pressure higher age players to crown and improve quickly, there needs to be more competition. At this point, I think Space Age and lower ages should have all build and research times cut in half.
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    Saving sets in Museum and see VIP level

    Item sets have been a glaring hole in using the museum and should be implemented. It’s certainly been suggested before. I’m a big ”NO” on seeing peoples VIP level. Nobody needs to know what other people spend their money on.
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    New version of Forum

    Going to take some time to get used to it, for sure
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    Take my money!

    BHG, I want to send you some money. I want to buy a legendary artifact, for US Dollars. Please let me know where I can do that. I don’t want to have a ‘chance’ at getting one. Please take my money! Otherwise I’m keeping it. Savate