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    Game of Life

    this game is a reflection of life. Why dont these game whiners complain they cant get a lamborghini working as a ditch digger. The developers are rewarding the people who have the money,just like real life. Open your eyes and get real. You should be making posts thanking the developers for...
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    its been so long i cant remember. Do i need the armory upgraded to be able to upgrade factory troops? OR just the factory upgraded to the given unlock for a troop?
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    There was a prize for group leader from last event. It was the white deaths war kit. How many people won that? Was it also available for sale?
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    War Record

    Trying to find an alliance in this game is ridiculous. Join one, look at their record then leave and I have to wait HOW LONG before I can join another. This system is idiotic. Should be able to see war record before joining or not be penalized for trying to find one.
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    Not Important ?

    Thankyou for your efforts on this new event system. Great incentive to play even though builders are all busy for 2 weeks. Sorry your probably never getting money from my pocket. Some tips on how to get money from my pocket: How about rewards for skill in this new event system. - I have to...