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  1. Vixen

    Crash base bug. 6 months and counting.

    S_How I am confused... your base in the past (I don’t know about currently) with the city on the edge is well known and discussed in the community as a crash base.
  2. Vixen

    Pax Augusta Event - a Pay to Win event?

    Adding my voice to this. Clearly whoever designed this event does not play the game and has no concept on what we value or what motivates us to play. This event demonstrates how out of touch Nexon/BHG is with the player base.
  3. Vixen

    Cheating in Dominations

    His conclusion is crap cos the teams he mentioned (including mine) are open book against cheaters... as are most in the game....
  4. Vixen

    Legitimate Teams Should Stop Wars

    The game is no fun matching teams who blatantly cheat..... nexon fix your game please
  5. Vixen

    Cheating in Dominations

    well I am offended by their cheating!
  6. Vixen

    Cheating in Dominations

    ??? why are we mentioned in this discussion???????? edit... oh you are from muslims/swift... say no more loser
  7. Vixen

    Let’s dance .fatality.the Muslims ...cheaters

    Another post about cheaters.... Don’t give us any more content till you put all those developers to work on getting rid of the real cheaters and the alliances who harbour them. Stop giving infringements for using too many lures in a day ... that isn’t cheating ... but listen to the players...
  8. Vixen

    Defense is now useless. The AR fix broke the game.

    Game is broken...... please return the ar to reasonable lvls
  9. Vixen

    Chat history not long enough

    At sheepdogs we love a yarn .... we are known to talk all day and night. It’s frustrating having such a short chat history... I miss people coming and going and the best jokes. Please can we have never ending chat back!! Pretty please
  10. Vixen

    I.A. Level 183

    Lol you are so stubborn 😂
  11. Vixen

    Nexon ... would you like testers for your next update

    They should put us on the payroll excal 🤣
  12. Vixen

    Nexon ... would you like testers for your next update

    Funks of course I remember you from across the jump .... do you still play?
  13. Vixen

    Nexon ... would you like testers for your next update

    Ps... some of our alliance downloaded clash of clans .... our alliance is (surprise surprise) sheepdogs .... come join us
  14. Vixen

    Nexon ... would you like testers for your next update

    I wonder if they actually test anything at all or just stick it out there thinking people won’t care if they screw up our week.... Are nexon going to give us the glory ... ntg... etc we will loseon this war because we can’t attack?
  15. Vixen

    Nexon ... would you like testers for your next update

    clearly your current testers are not very good and we would prefer the update tested rather than released with no forewarning when we are already in a war I am sure we could get a group of testers for you at no charge and do a much better job than the employees you pay
  16. Vixen

    Secret war matchmaking tool

    You joined forum today... and you didn’t even leave the alliance you say are offending you ... I smell a forum imposter 🐀
  17. Vixen

    Bazooka tower... Seriously nexon????

    We recently had a war vs a team with seven zook TOWERS .... cs did nothing .... big coincidence that a team had seven towers still in their inventory... If it was sentries I could have understood... towers are still way op ...
  18. Vixen

    And the Bazooka Tower is back

    Bad move nexon......
  19. Vixen

    Bazooka tower... Seriously nexon????

    So much for when you said it was over powered and you were getting rid of it
  20. Vixen

    Biggest Problem Today

    all my friends quitting :(