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    Stop The Dirty Game In WW

    «You cannot expect..» No one expects it, so the developer is OBLIGED to give them a kick in the ass.
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    The mortar mounted on the dome of the Parliament looks silly. Draw a platform around the dome and infantry with a bazooka on it. The same infantry also leaves the Parliament when it is destroyed.
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    Move a half of military researching from Armory to War Academy

    If Nexon had halved appetite they would have made more money. Their greed is surprising! ))
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    Free 2 play councilors

    No matter if they improve it (which is possible), personally I am disgusted by the very idea of fusion councilors, it is primitive to the point of nausea.. it has no place in this game. They must to use another mechanism to improve the councilor, for example, applying a random feature card to...
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    Drone Age?

    Common sense keeps people from spending money for nothing.
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    Barracks Update thoughts. (Response to complainers)

    Yes I made sure that blessings of the barracks troops affect the APC infantry. How do other buffs for barracks troops (as coalitions, museum artifacts, etc.) affect APC infantry?
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    Barracks Update thoughts. (Response to complainers)

    This is an erroneous judgment. Barracks heavy infantry level (as well as any buff and improvements for HI) has nothing to do with the attacking APC HI troops.
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    Barracks Troops

    Do not focus on the "natural" because there is nothing natural in this game! For example, this missile does not cause any damage to defense troops or buildings, is that natural?
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    Upgrading your castle/fort

    FelipeXIX, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to ignore the improvement of the generals. You should strive to have for attack the max lvl generals for your Age. ps. The second big mistake is ignoring the university.
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    DomiNations v9.12 Update

    Only one thing will help to make armies diverse - to limit the number of identical units. And to start with Eisenhowers - only one on the battlefield, any troop-cards type - only one, and no more than half of any units from the barracks / factory. But the years go by and they don't.
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    Nations are fading

    Yes, my comments have been pessimistic and dull for the last couple of years, I can't help but admit that.. because I don't see any positive changes and improvements in the game, and I no longer believe that it is possible to change this within the p2w model. And yes, I still play sometimes..
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    Eisenhower Event

    Oh, i missed…
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    National Trade Goods Update - February 2022

    Zaxillaxifrage correctly wrote we need a permanent exchange function of any NTG in a ratio of 2:1. This is the simplest and most effective solution.
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    Time to Dust off those Barracks Troops...

    It’s NOT reflective of history, absolutely! NO! Infantry and MBT are the basis of any army. Another thing is that it has nothing to do with this game. We have been investing in factory troops for a long time and this source of income for BHG is almost exhausted. It's time to devalue the...
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    WTF is going on with NTG???

    Dude, you should spend money on tea. That's the point!
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    Nations are fading

    What the Nations? They won't balance anything.. Don't you see that the game has turned into a store?
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    NTG possibilities are broken for Greek main

    Get rid of illusions, they will never be able to balance nations. It's just a decoration. And when you understand that, you will understand that they did the right thing. Don't you see that the game has turned into a store?
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    16 -18 Planes Cheat

    Comments? Cheaters have any troop-maps for free as much and when needed, even though Tupolev even Eisenhower.