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    How Do I Get Alliance Members

    I've been trying the forums with no luck and thetes no gc either my alliance is called youtube and im the only member any suggestions on how to find more?
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    I am indeed a youtuber who started playing dominations i am looking for trustworthy allies as well as players i can feauture in some future youtube vids. Everyone is treated fairly and is required to stay active and donate or get the boot there 0 trophies to join hope u can check us out
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    Youtube Alliance BradyGaming

    Hey Everyone I am a youtuber who just started playing dominations amd i just made a alliance called YouTube feel free to join as well as checking out my yt channel @BradyGaming
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    YouTube Alliance!!!

    I just started this alliance and im lookin for new members i will do some youtube videos in the future feauturing players in my alliance my channel is called bradygaming