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  1. CommanderChris88

    Catapults and Stronghold?

    I’m interested in where players are placing both their Catapults/Mortars and Stronghold? Do they deserve supporting defensive-buildings to create ‘kill-zones’ or are they lethal enough alone? Splash Damage is devastatingly strong versus most standard Heavy Infantry and Ranged Infantry when...
  2. CommanderChris88

    Usage of Stronghold Tactics?

    • 2 Elite Heavy Cavalry +1 General via Castle • 2 Veteran Wall Miners • 30/40 Pikemen Heavy Infantry • 30/40 Crossbowmen Ranged Infantry I don’t believe the Ballista is worth the +10 Troop Unit space due to its 4 range - plus it was only recently that I unlocked the unit. Seems as though it...
  3. CommanderChris88

    Usage of Stronghold Tactics?

    I’m slowly running out of all the fancy Troop Tactics via Stronghold to further enhance the raiding experience although I did save all the unique buildings from the final reward from the various special events. With mixed results of success with raiding, I realize that I was very ambitious with...
  4. CommanderChris88

    Best War Tactics?

    Im interested in hearing the experiences of players attacking other bases during multiplayer raiding. What have you noticed working well enough to limit your win streak? Catapults with multiple swarms of defenders has been brutal as of lately. So much so that I am considering the possibility...
  5. CommanderChris88

    Absurdly Long Upgrade Durations?!

    Upon upgrading the Town-Center to the Enlightenment Age; I was able to build the Oil Well and Oil Refinery to build the Factory for improved troop units. With lots of specials and sales occurring due to the holiday season, I was fortunate to have a large supply of oil to spend on upgrading the...
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  7. CommanderChris88

    Tips for gunpowder age. Pls

    Ranged Siege Ballistas need protection (Ranged Infantry) plus grants a small bonus where these units can shoot over walls. Healing Cart(s) might be an ideal investment as to restore Health to Generals and other units. Only choose the Cavalry Raiders as Mercenaries or via Troop Tactic Army...
  8. CommanderChris88

    Tips on upgrading walls

    Wall Defenses are critical in slowing opposing forces to prevent a five-star attack on your base; especially if you are Pre-Gunpowder Age. Align with your Roads and place Traps at key locations plus direct any Catapults for Splash Damage within that zone for best results. Bastions provide...