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  1. CarlVonC

    Looking for active members and mature member

    Conveniently I am looking for a more active alliance LVL 62 about to go Gunpowder
  2. CarlVonC


    I was doing one of those scripted campaign battles and there were tunnels the adviser said to use to get under walls. I put my guys by the tunnel but they didn't use it, is there some trick to making them go in the tunnel instead of breaking down a wall?
  3. CarlVonC

    Secondary Gold Building

    When attacking/looting and someone has a lot of gold left after you've taken out the markets, what are the other structures that would be holding the remaining gold?
  4. CarlVonC

    Join A League, Get More Loot!

    Is there a down side to being in a league, or are we just saying actively pursuing higher leagues is not worth the trouble? I just went over 400 and it popped up, I accepted. Is there a way out?
  5. CarlVonC

    Time on Dock

    Quick question, my dock has become unusable. I hit it to look but it only flashes and has a time on it (now 15hours, was 24 I believe). I'm sure I clicked something to make this happen, but can someone tell me what is going on? I also see no way to speed it up or pay it off. Thanks
  6. CarlVonC

    2 Questions from a beginner

    Thanks. Now that I've started attacking/looting I've seen that. What I meant with the first question is if you buy a treaty it is for a certain number of days and then there is a longer "Cooldown". For example a 5 Day Treaty also has a 3 Week Cooldown. I assume during the 5 days you can't...
  7. CarlVonC

    2 Questions from a beginner

    A couple easy questions: 1) What is the Cool Down period on the treaties? (I am still on my original one) 2) With my treaty about to expire I am planning the layout for best defense. I've read several good tips, but one question...can you be attacked from anywhere? As in I have a beach to...