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    Burj Al Arab still doesn´t work

    Honestly you should try to get some real software developers. Not these noobs you currently work with.
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    Burj Al Arab still doesn´t work

    So my alt has this issue too. It shows 9% but when you start the building, it is with only 1% discount. I request 12h speed ups compensation for every day from today that this issue persists. For everyone who has this wonder.
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    What's Your Ideal Video Reward?

    Crowns, legendary tokens, speed ups, blessings not available in temple, like air training and instant retrain. Mercenaries are only nice if you would finally give out Type 99 Tank contracts, which you totally forgot to add to the game i guess. Super useless: Recruits other than heavy tanks, or...
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    Are players using loot cheats ?

    Oh, and what happened to you? People take only the available loot and that it is magically multiplied. You do not lose more, if someone attacks you with a high loot bonus. You get more back with loot refund though. Which means, it is easy to make profit by getting looted often.
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    Loot Resource Refund

    So nothing is done on this one, and you have the nerves to „fix“ things in game which were not broken and nobody had a problem with but… seriously who? Now during free retrain blessing, donated troops are not refunded 1/2 the price anymore. How about working on issues the players identify as...
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    Uni Speedup requests disappear

    University speedup requests ( parliament level 10 developed ) disappear before 5 people actually helped. This happens most of the time. I would say 8 out of 10 cases at least.
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    Wrong loot displayed in list

    Hi Leviathan, sorry I wasn’t here a while. Did not expect any reaction actually. I think it is too long ago to find the customer service ticket for me. Kind of given up on it. If you want just mail me your open questions regarding this to my vip mail. I had a conversation with Josh about this...
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    Wrong loot displayed in list

    Hello BHG, just a reminder, that this issue is officially open and under watch of your customers for over a month. Please let us know when you are able to fix this within this week…
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    Loot Resource Refund

    Hello BHG, just a reminder, that this issue is officially open and under watch of your customers for over a month. Please let us know when you are able to fix this within this week.
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    Only half the rubies

    Since the event of double rubies we see large rubies won in each battle. For me around 1,000 for hitting an info age base. But in the command post arrives only half of it after the war.
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    Battles end 100% not all buildings down

    It happens that battles end with 100%, but there is still a building left. I saw it with a gold pile, and then with a mortar. This was painful, because even with 5 stars, all troops were killed, because a defense building was still up.
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    Loot Resource Refund

    The loot resource refund feature is not working, when the damage done to the base is lower than 10%. For the case that you say that this is the intended behavior, please explain the logic behind it and how this makes the game better. I understand the history. It was implemented that way, because...
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    Wrong loot displayed in list

    The loot displayed in attack and defense lists is wrong. It seems that the attacker‘s bonus for gold looting is applied to oil and food as well. The bonus percent for food and oil are both ignored.
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    University research time is massively increasing after restart

    1. Fire the manager who is responsible for pushing releases, even if they are not tested enough. 2. Make it a company rule, that all employees have to play the game at least 30 minutes a day. 3. Create test accounts on all ages, which can be reset to a certain test state, and test automatically...
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    Expand & Conquer v8.1 Update

    I am so happy that troop tactics glitching is not working anymore. Thank you @BHG. And I hope to see a fix for the plane crashes outside map soon too :)
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    Abnormal termination on a raid while sending planes

    Just sad to see that the community seems to do more work on analysing and exploiting it, than BHG invests time in fixing it. Racing conditions in the client-server area are tough jobs to fix, we understand... but this thing is out there for months!!!
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    Dominations piece of crap can't get worse. Here is why?

    The game is dead to me until they fix units glitching, plane crash and crash bases and get some cheater monitors out to find fast growing bases.
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    French civ perk

    Just for your information: the cap is now 95%
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    French civ perk

    The 85% cap is not a rumor. I measured with French and another guy with 10% from VIP. Without TB I have 30% bonus, because of microprocessor and French bonus, and he had 20% with microprocessor and VIP boost. With TB, what gives 66% btw, we ended both at 85% and should end at 86% and 96%.
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    French civ perk

    I see the main point in the way they are just seem to sit it out. There was a bug, they fixed it. They saw a problem with the bonus going over 100% with the new VIP bonuses, so they chose to cap it at 85%, like all the bonuses from artifacts, seemingly unaware that French played with 86% under...