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  1. DarthHighWind

    Level 25 Alliance Perks

    Please consider a different perk for alliance level 25. Space Age Promotion is worthless.
  2. DarthHighWind

    DomiNations Update 11.12 - Hannibal and Florence

    This is great news. Thanks so much @Harlems369th
  3. DarthHighWind

    DomiNations Update 11.12 - Hannibal and Florence

    Great update. Looking forward to it. Will there be any new milestone rewards for council ? Also for those of us that used crowns to get 325 museum artifacts storage, what are the chances of getting a refund for the crowns we used ?
  4. DarthHighWind

    DomiNations Update 11.11 - Museum Updates

    A step in the right direction. Thank you. Any news when we’ll be able to swap museum artifacts in sets ? This IMO is the most requested QOL feature for the museum.
  5. DarthHighWind

    DomiNations Update 11.7 - Multiple Events

    How about fixing replays so that IT ACTUALLY SHOW WHAT HAPPENED!!!! ?? These updates are useless. Nobody is spending money on this game except a very small shrinking players base. What a joke of a company.
  6. DarthHighWind

    Quality of Life Request - Replays

    Please focus on getting replays to actually show a replay of what happened and not what you have going on now. Its never accurate. This should be a simple and trusted feature of games in this category. You cannot get any worst with what your “replays” are doing now.
  7. DarthHighWind

    Quality of Life Request - Swapping Museum Artifacts in sets

    It would be a huge quality of life update if the museum allow us to save and swap artifacts in sets. This should incentivize more players to refocus on the museum and “re-roll” more lines. The way things are done now is very inefficient. We don’t need any new updates. Please stop with the loot...
  8. DarthHighWind

    Ares mocking everyone!

    This game is dying. Time to move to another game. Domistats is showing about 2 million active players, of those there are probably about half unique players. What a shame. Poor management is the death of all great games.
  9. DarthHighWind

    When everyone leaves this broken game..

    I am jus waiting for BHG to file bankruptcy. Horrible management doesn't deserve any of my money. The lack of transparency and community interactions is driving this game straight to the ground. I hope the top alliances like playing amongst their pool of 50 players.
  10. DarthHighWind

    For players who want clean game

    Best way to get BHG to listen is to stop spending as a community and demand that BHG give us a satisfactory answer. This game has everything going for it except for poor management.