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    May Legendary Token Calendar

    Hello, because there is a war museum crafting event starting, it would be extraordinary useful to know "in advance" the june calendar. Legendaries have an impact on what users craft or not. If ever something in june offers a possible army we need to craft for it right from today. i know...
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    Stronghold of Spartans - Week Ahead 5/15

    The event taks could include - crafting artefact = no worker needed ;and why not swapping artefact ( --> teach players to hide museum!) - recruiting councelor = no worker needed ; merging councils - recruiting coalition = no worker needed ; but needs to be generic ( cause players cannot adapt...
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    Legendary Token Calendar: July

    Awesome to see Arm and Asdic! This+ McC , Gemini, Avro makes a very good calendar.
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    War matchmaking matrix appears to be broken.

    We had something like 10 horrible matchup where we have 10 information ages bases and opponent has 4 or 5 ; their glory is much less so, even if we win war we win so little glory than we tend to lose rank 😂 funny once or twice but now i miss doing a real war.
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    Welcome to the Drone Age

    Will you enable instant TC upgrade to Drone Age ? How much citizens do we need to spare to upgrade TC? Thanks!
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    Duplicate legendary artifacts.

    hahahah and what about your 1543 furs?
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    What's Your Ideal Video Reward?

    agree with others 1. legendary tokens 2. troop TT 3. Speed up But no council card, no blessing except maybe instant retrain, no currency (except tokens, crowns), no mercs.
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    Templars Unborn - Knowledge is power

    oh we had an awesome war last time I had no clue how to contact you to propose a deal but now i know where to find you ;)
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    Templars Unborn - Knowledge is power

    Hi! We are Templars Unborn. We have a lot of knowlege and are active on forums, discord, social networks to help ppl. While we do not value P2W, our skill made us reach top 200, and we are launching some recruitment phase to go one step higher. No need for premium TT to reach top 100! We will...
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    Duplicate legendary artifacts.

    Even for a moderated number of tokens it would rock! Great idea @Excalibur!
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    Allow both offense & defense in same account - 0 Crowns Revolution

    Catherine allows to reduce cost to make a revolution. Well this is not enough - we need * Catherine allws 0 crowns revolution * Some way to change wonders regularly also for 0 crown - like a library / university skill This would allow D player to go O and the opposite. This will not unbalancer...