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  1. Jilano


    Gems from clash of clans are more useful because they can be used in many different ways (boosting your collectors, the training speed of your army ...) It's different for crowns, because you can use them to make your construction instantly and getting ressources, but that's all. You can buy the...
  2. Jilano

    How Do I Get Alliance Members

    Create an alliance with your real life friends. It's more attractive when there is more than one player on a clan, and your friends won't go away after 2 days, because sometimes keeping people in your alliance is more difficult than recruiting them ;)
  3. Jilano

    which nation should I take?

    It depends on your style of play ... If you are offensive, Romans are a good choice (bigger army), German too if you want to have a better of your troops ... Just look at the characteristics of each nation and make your choice according to your personality. Do you want to beat every player you...
  4. Jilano

    Avez vous une image ou un organigramme montrant les differents ages ?

    Same thing over here, speak english please ... Même si je suis français ça ne m'empêche pas de m'adapter au langage du forum ... Pas d'images de ce genre pour l'instant, mais il y l'âge de pierre, l'âge du fer, l'âge classique, l'âge de la poudre et l'âge des lumières, tout est expliqué dans...
  5. Jilano

    An alle deutschsprachigen Mitspielerinnen und Mitspieler!

    It's an english forum here, so speak english please ... Anyway, welcome to the forum !
  6. Jilano

    How many of us are Clash of Clans players?

    CoC was boring,so i was searching for a new game who could change this, and i found this one ... It's way better than Clash !
  7. Jilano

    I need help on how the roads work..

    In fact, it is really simple : just connect the road to your city (only one connection is sufficient for this to work), then place your buildings next to the road, and you will have a 10% bonus on gold you receive from your caravan , for each building connected to your road. That's all ! :)
  8. Jilano

    start a new game with the same phone

    Start a new game with the same account is actually impossible. I think this measure was taken to fight multi- account ... No solution for you at the moment !
  9. Jilano

    Hiya new player here, so far loving it

    In my opinion, maxing your base is really important (CoC habits ^^), but you can do whatever you want at the beginning of the game. Just notice that if you don't wanna be raided, you better have a good def, so don't forget your walls ! :)
  10. Jilano

    Just reached level 19, still have not been attacked.

    If you have spent all your resources before you log out, i think this is normal, people won't attack you
  11. Jilano

    Changing city name

    Hi, I think we can't rename it, we can only choose our own name at the beginning
  12. Jilano

    Hi, new player here

    Welcome ! Yeah, this game is makes me feel nostalgic too, when i was playing my first AoE ^^
  13. Jilano

    ♥Hey all, its DocEw ♥

    Welcome & Good luck for your alliance !
  14. Jilano

    Hey there !..

    Hi Skillz ! I see you're very active on the forum, nice to meet you :) Hum ... Not really, i just watch videos from Youtube and DVD, and so i don't know a lot of famous magicians, but if you're interested in magic, you can watch Dan&Dave performances (cardistry), and also David Stone (who's a...
  15. Jilano

    Hey there !..

    Hello everyone, Just want to introduce myself quickly, because everything in a forum begin from this right ? ;) Soooo, i'm a French guy (so don't blame me for little grammar mistakes ^^), aged 19, who likes strategy games. I tried this one because it was on the first page of the app store, and...
  16. Jilano

    "Magic doesn't born in the hands of magicians, but in the eyes of beholder"

    "Magic doesn't born in the hands of magicians, but in the eyes of beholder"