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    during a 15x15 war the system shows the wrong base under attack

    a solid lvl 296 digital player (see his attack which shows correct lvl) is downgraded to lvl 167 shows "digital age" but a beginners base not his correct one
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    Green claim button for event rewards not working

    When you reach one of the reward levels on the weekly events the green button marked claim lights up sometimes two or three at a time. When you try to tap the buttons to claim the reward the button doesn't work and it stays green. They are left unclaimed and when you shut the game down and...
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    Matching teams

    Please take as long as you like to get a fair match in war. The wars have been so one sided no one cares any more. Fairness is more important than time. thanks
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    Can space age save slow sales?

    Now in a war with a 897 to 2 glory ratio against us. No fun. Players leaving our alliance because the game is just boring whoever wrote the matching algorithm should be embarrassed. That's why the revenue is down the game just doesn't play as it used to
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    Vault capacity for oil is still 8000 barrels

    Vault oil capacity still at 8000 barrels of oil while active Museum artifact shows increase of 6% and University task shows increase of 23%. Why hasn't the Vault capacity for oil increased accordingly?