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  1. Ankara

    The war is a joke right now.

    I haven’t warred in a long time so I don’t know what it’s like now, but this sounds like something that happened before. Remember, with Dominations you see a lot of the same bugs, even if they are years apart. Anyway, back then, the number of stars you got in the actual battle may or may not...
  2. Ankara

    Enjoy the game - stay in Global Age

    Global Age was the most fun I had playing the game. Once you move up you can’t go back, so if you’re enjoying the game hanging back in any age, I doff my cap to you. The players that break free from the peer pressure aspect inherent in these games and enjoy their game experience just as much...
  3. Ankara

    6.7 Game Crash on iOS after update

    There was a time, long ago, when we used to get crown compensation for things gone awry. I remember one such issue with significant quantities of food vanishing from our mills when we logged out. This is worse.
  4. Ankara

    Revert the rebalance — a plea to BHG/Nexon

    I’d like to see the rebalance rolled back, but I agree with Quebec Glory. It’s too late. Also. Despite the fact the rebalance has dissolved my interest in being more than marginally active in the game, I’m glad to read Big Fish and others are in support of it. Whenever a game changes some will...
  5. Ankara

    Introduction: Joe “Muet” Grubb - Lead Designer

    Ok this is a pretty cool development, thank you for taking the time to post this thread. I’m a long time player who has lost the habit of logging in recently let alone participating in wars Anymore. I’m only one player, and maybe I’ve just gotten lazy and it’s time for me to move along; at...
  6. Ankara

    Combat Rebalance Stage Four Patch Notes

    Multiplayer has become less enjoyable for me. Not angry about it. Just don’t feel like it anymore because I don’t happen to find it as fun anymore to have train more troops and have my gameplay options limited further. It is what it is.
  7. Ankara

    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 3)

    This is pretty much where i’m at. I’m ok with 3D war bases getting harder if there are folks out there that enjoy the challenge and it makes the game better for them - but for me, really, buying cards and failing on a 3D base creates a pay2lose situation which I can’t accept as a sensible way to...
  8. Ankara

    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 2)

    I’m a gamer. I play these things too much. Not gonna pretend to speak for anyone but myself, and whatever meager percentage of the player base one single voice may have been found to represent. We players tend to respond to change poorly. Just seems to be a given. No surprise that this balance...
  9. Ankara

    Decline in war

    I’m visiting a few alliances right now and doing a few wars but consider myself ‘retired’ from wars for the reasons above, especially the requirement of troop cards coupled with the increased likelyhood of failure regardless due to the ramped up defence. I’m no superstar, so it was...
  10. Ankara

    Best Nation?

    Played French nation all the way to Cold War and loved it, because of the train times. German now. Still getting used to it but def far better for war. A bit of a departure here but in light of the additional training slots to the armoury and library....I’d pay 500 crowns or something for a...
  11. Ankara

    Another step towards P2W ! this time TC radius increased by +2 range permanently !

    Red Prince! I used to read this forum a lot though never posted. Just wanted to take the opportunity to say I always appreciated your point of view.
  12. Ankara

    Something after Space age or another one game like Dominations?

    I would appreciate inter-alliance wars entering the game. Unlike friendly challenges, coalitions would be in effect, any tactics and cards used would be exhausted. Really the logical extension of friendly challenges...but now it’s for keeps. Would alleviate matching issues that persist, offer...
  13. Ankara

    Farewell Nb4powerup, You *WILL* be Missed

    Haven’t logged in in foreves, but can’t let you go without saying thank you for your time, both here and elsewhere, for working on our behalf, and for managing to be both real and professional. You gave the company a human face, a really, where before there was none. That is what...
  14. Ankara

    DNP All-Star Event

    Yes it's all a rich tapestry, Anyhoo, just wanted to say thanks to all for helping grow the event. It's been cool to see the register fill and see new people dropping into the server like the opening scene from The Terminator - all due in part, i'm sure, to everyone who put this thread up...
  15. Ankara

    DNP All-Star Event

    looking forward this event. Great chance to meet some players from other alliances and enjoy the game together for a weekend. The more the merrier. Boss Level is in.
  16. Ankara

    Don't be too hard on community manager

    Or, possibly, the threads themselves look bad and closing them is really the best possible course of action?
  17. Ankara

    Honest Wonder Ratings

    It was late when I posted and I think I was unclear. I meant to say that you, Froggy, do post specifics regarding the wonders that the game itself does not provide. You did good. And I'm lazy, so it means I don't have to spend time trying to find all the specifics out myself, which is super...
  18. Ankara

    Honest Wonder Ratings

    I appreciate your taking the time to write this all out. When considering switching wonders I can read the description in game but specifics are not covered. For example...terra cotta army description doesn't detail how many of what troops are gained. Regardless of my own opinions of what...
  19. Ankara

    Sandbagging - gallery of shame

    I recently had the honour of visiting Boss Level for two wars. This was my first experience with sandbagging, as both wars were against bags. It was wierd playing to tie instead of win, and much of the war experience was automatically removed for the duration of the wars, and of my stay with...
  20. Ankara

    Coalitions Improvements Design Spotlight

    Myself, I'm not excited for the change in the coalitions, or for coalitions themselves. But it looks like that's how it's going to be. I agree with S How, as usual, but want to expand on it by saying that increasing the goods one can aquire would simply allow players to keep playing the way...