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  1. Aussie guy

    Veterans benefit - write your account age here

    I’ve been playing since December 2014. It was in Beta mode back then. Im now level 324 IA. I log on once a day do some farming and one attack. Haven’t got the heart to delete such an old base.
  2. Aussie guy

    Video / Ad changes - Rewards reduced to 2/3/5 crowns instead of 5 as the base.

    Merry Christmas from Nexon...just like them to nerf rewards a week before Christmas. I’ve played this game since December 2014 when it was in beta mode. I gave up commenting on this forum as they largely ignore serious comments and suggestions. But since they have made millions anyway, they...
  3. Aussie guy

    Big Huge Games has gotten it right!

    Ahh Elizabeth Jones...I miss her, but not the game. The game was full of cheats and bugs in 2015 with an overzealous forum moderator censoring complaints...nothing has changed...and a new crop of players whinge and whine about the state of the game. Game was broken in 2015 and still is. This...
  4. Aussie guy

    Hateful harassing player being protected by CS

    I'm one of the original beta tester players (started playing in November/December 2014, pre World-wide release) and haven't posted in these forums for donkeys years as the never ending bugs and cheats have never been fixed and never will be....anyways, this makes Aussie guy's blood boil. The...
  5. Aussie guy

    Join dates here -

    I was banned three times before you guys even existed on these forums. The game is still full of bugs and cheats.
  6. Aussie guy

    Join dates here -

    Move along kiddies, nothing to see here.
  7. Aussie guy

    Good bye.

    I've played this game for 11 months, and actually enjoyed it most of that time. I've tried to post on topics that I thought would in some small way improve this game...but today is the day I say good bye to this game. Overnight it appears that Nexon has increased the cost of crowns, at least...
  8. Aussie guy

    One Zeplin took 25 medals from me...but wait... I was supposed to get the win

    If Nexon says its not cheating, then its not cheating. If Nexon says its a visual bug, its a visual bug. If anyone knows how to do these single Zeppelin attacks, please feel free to post here, so we can all have this strategy at our disposal....after all Nexon has deemed it legit.
  9. Aussie guy

    How to win at DomiNations

    Yes, a one day ban must be some sort of bad joke? Hunter Killer, your comments are almost identical to other players like Timo, Sioux, and In10se. Those guys were near the top of the leaderboards, spent lots of money and have quit in frustration. You probably haven't even heard of them, but...
  10. Aussie guy

    How to win at DomiNations

    I reported Lepi more than a month ago to customer's pathetic!
  11. Aussie guy

    How to win at DomiNations

    Funny how these so called bugs only seem to effect the players near the top of the leaderboards. I've noticed that there's a big gap in medals between 1st and 2nd on the leaderboard as well. The number 1 player in this game must be a robot who never sleeps....and judging by their base, one who's...
  12. Aussie guy

    Top Medals Game is Unplayable

    I'm talking about nothing after my last
  13. Aussie guy

    Top Medals Game is Unplayable

    Yes, you have to keep up the fight...but it's like banging your head against a brick wall, with Nexon.
  14. Aussie guy

    Units dying as they're placed in combat

    Ive noticed the same thing...both when I deploy them, but also later in the raid too. Troops disappearing in a puff after all defensive towers and troops are gone....its like they die through fatigue.
  15. Aussie guy

    Generals not active taking damage

    You probably have too much cider in your base. Generals sit around guzzling down cider all day, get hungover and need cool down times. My advice, get rid of your cider.
  16. Aussie guy

    Top Medals Game is Unplayable

    Broken Peace Treaties without compensation, make medal drives pointless, that's for sure. I would add, Peace Treaties have been failing since about February and March, us beta-testers pointed it out then...Nexons response was to fix nothing and just move this game to global release in April.
  17. Aussie guy

    The TB nerf is coming...

    Just to balance your comments...Bamboo COC posted YouTube videos months ago showing the power of French nation retraining under a training blessing. He got thousands of views...a lot more than the 20 or so players who seem to post continuously on these censored forums.
  18. Aussie guy

    The TB nerf is coming...

    Changes to the training blessing will yet again impact negatively on non-cheating players. At the moment I enjoy a 30 minute burst of raiding via the TB, which is long enough for me to distribute my 5 tactics amongst my raids and use 1 or 2 merc armies, an airplane, and the odd attack blessing...
  19. Aussie guy

    What is missing from this base?

    Style is missing...for a French base, it has no style.
  20. Aussie guy


    Perhaps these can be forwarded on directly by the mods? Europeos, if you can't find customer service, try tapping on one of the Frequently asked questions and when it asks you if they have answered your question tap no...that should bring up customer support.