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    Device incompatible

    I usually checks on dominations rank on google play grossings. Couple days ago I noticed that suddenly my device is incompatible and Dominations was not listed on Indonesian rank anymore. I've been using the same phone (Asus zenfone 2 Ze551ML) and not rooted.
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    Cheaters list

    wow a ban isnt the kind of reward i expected for reporting cheaters lol. although i have made up my minds in regards of no more spendings until they figured out how to deal with cheaters, its totally discouraging any players that knows cheaters with max bases live among 'em anyday.
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    Cheaters list

    Hereby i listed any weird foundings i came across a couple days (1-4 days) past the release of Industrial Age. Why i say weird is that either they have exhausted their wallets, or just regular cheaters. I reported thru in-game although havent heard anything back.since. so here goes..
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    The Matchmaking Medal Exploit people are abusing

    Medal based matchmaking isnt at fault, just the reward is. The daily bonus received is ridiculously low, lower than 20k (I can make 20k with 3 infantries in 10 sec steal raid. Just give a reason for high level to reside in his intended league i.e. specific heroes activated at certain medal point.
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    angkor wat vs versailles

    Same issue I still haven't build mine can't decide between the two. You guys decide for me!
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    Strategies to attack this Level 125 base?

    Love your sarcastic approach. Many new players don't get it lol. I really hate how they got so advanced by cheating, but then Nexon would just take away extra buildings without due penalty. Its like you imprison long-time running corrupted govt guy without assets takeover. Pisses me off.
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    But you can switch google account and start fresh, can't you?
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    Indonesian / Asia Release

    Thanks mate I realized that apk grabber site gave me the latest apk 2 days after an update. I was frustrated because on the first day after update, they serve me previous version and I've look everywhere, no luck. Then 2nd day I checked they probably start to update apk database.
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    Indonesian / Asia Release

    As for today's update 1.2.51 once again I can't in-game-update and the apk isn't around yet. For the love of god please provide official apks or something.
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    Indonesian / Asia Release

    I've been playing for some time but for that long you guys still hasn't released the game on Indonesian' Google play store. I have to put some effort finding the new apk, which most of the time is not there yet. Therefore I have my absence on the game for few days to weeks until some good bloke...