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  1. Bobortvogel


    Having just upgraded an old iPad, there are a number of games having issues with old devices. Some games stopped after an upgrade, some started crashing and simple games and programs continued to run. The technology advances such that I expect any device over4-5 years old will likely have issues...
  2. Bobortvogel

    Winter for the Ages 2019-2020!

    After waiting a week with not event, I went ahead and started my digital upgrades- 2+ weeks each. If the game drops a digital event on us in the next 2 weeks, I’m not going to be happy.
  3. Bobortvogel

    Winter for the Ages 2019-2020!

    If that is the case, you made a good decision not going digital Lord. Kind of miss-named this a strategy game when players can’t predict the game events.
  4. Bobortvogel

    Winter for the Ages 2019-2020!

    Still nothing on Digital?
  5. Bobortvogel

    Winter for the Ages 2019-2020!

    I upgraded to digital a week ago!
  6. Bobortvogel

    Winter for the Ages 2019-2020!

    Really, where/when is digital. I calculated it should be today.
  7. Bobortvogel

    Helicopter Hanger

    Thanks, didn’t see it when I looked.
  8. Bobortvogel

    Helicopter Hanger the helicopter permanent or temporary. The current event doesn’t say it is temporary.
  9. Bobortvogel

    The WWII Event and Fair Play...or lack thereof.

    I’ll pass on the recommendations, players more advance should have advantages over newer players, otherwise, why advance.
  10. Bobortvogel

    My workers disappeared into a dock exploration

    I had the same issue, annoying. There was no reason for the developers to Shang-hi workers. The fact that it was a good event is not relevant.
  11. Bobortvogel

    So our war just spontaneously ended.

    Same here, 3 hours left one minute, gone the next. The war did just now come back.
  12. Bobortvogel

    Thank You Nexon BHG staff

    Yes, overall the game has come a long way.
  13. Bobortvogel

    Turn Off Replays in World War

    Replays are critical to the game. For those that have been around since the beginning, we know how frustrating it is without.
  14. Bobortvogel

    60 second war attacks

    They rebalanced improving defense so ever battle wasn’t a 5 star. Now we are whipsawed back again to all 5 star battles. For those hanging in there, a very difficult ride for what could be a great game.
  15. Bobortvogel

    Winter for the Ages: Cold War Rush (1/21 - 2/4/19)

    What’s even funnier is the the silo upgrade is highlighted under the event inside the game.
  16. Bobortvogel

    Winter for the Ages: Cold War Rush (1/21 - 2/4/19)

    Why isn’t the level 5 silo discounted during Cold War event? This seems like a big miss.
  17. Bobortvogel

    Used to be sometimes exaggerated it's a complete joke!!

    No one gets only one sided impossible matches all the time. Theree is a wide range of matched opponents, some you can’t win, some you can’t lose and many in between. A good alliance should have a winning record.
  18. Bobortvogel

    Share your museum perks

    Nice going bedlam!
  19. Bobortvogel

    Status of chat repair

    Our alliance hasn’t had the severe chat problems as others, however, the old challenges popping to the top recently is pretty irritating.
  20. Bobortvogel

    (POLL) I jump to the next age...

    Our alliance has a mix. Some max most things, others max offense then advance. It seems to be a successful alliance strategy.