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    I lost at the copy machines
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    I couldn't help but lol.
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    Update Notes: v3.7.x is here!

    Only here to see if anything is being done about the crown hacking epidemic. Since you're not even throwing in the placebo patch note at the bottom any longer I take it nothing of substance will ever get done. Cya!
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    PvP Weekend winners!

    Lol. Really? 300 battles? Yeah, nothing unusual about that... not at all. Anyway, now that you've compiled your list of cheaters (and a couple crown buyers), can we finally delete the cheater's accounts and ban their IP's? I'm tired of losing 30 medals at a time because your team feels inclined...
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    Help! How do I use the Guerilla's effectively

    I play around with them every now and then but not often because they're too easily countered by traps. Try deploying them mid-battle away from Defenders and Defender-producing buildings and away from your main force. Protect them from stray defenders with a Biplane/Triplane. They're either...
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    donations for defense

    Tanks are good too. Heavy Tanks may be the best (Splash damage and high HP, it's like an Artillery and Tank in one). Also..What?
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    Invite only?

    Invite Only is a little misleading, you aren't actually invited, you request to join. When you click 'Join' in an Invite Only alliance, a message appears in the Alliance Chat with the message you wrote and your in-game name. Council, Co-Leaders and the Leader can either accept your request or...
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    Update Notes: v3.1 is now available!

    A nerf-less update is always a good update, I say. Fewer (important) bug fixes than I had hoped, but it looks good nontheless. :)
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    War makes medals meaningless

    So many words, all that talk. But hey, at least people care about your alliance and how great it is now, right? But, wait..Who is it you were talking about again? We're not talking about a professional eSport or some s*** here, no one cares. What surprises me the most is that you believe...
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    Is there anything to be done about Lv1 accounts named Leader?

    I hope I'm not the only one praying this is them finally deleting accounts of cheaters (unlikely, I know).
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    ally to Co leader.

    Click your alliance gate, go to your alliance page, click on the player in the list and click Promote. Once for council, twice for co-leader.
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    Alliance Spotlight: Dutch Warlords

    Good on you, Dutch Warlords, for using this opportunity to reach out to Dev's with the many issues the game has. If they ignore it this time, it will be because they wanted to. Also, congratulations on winning the banner contest.
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    Strongest Nation

    France will be quite underwhelming until you're Enlightenment Age with Training Blessing. Unless you'd rather save crowns for something else, Britain/Korea will be much stronger until you have it. As far as a "Britain vs. Korea" debate goes, most swear by the British Unique Unit, others prefer...
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    Wonder Acropolis

    Yes, its effect does continue even if it's destroyed.
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    Game crashing

    In addition to what you've already been doing, restart your device before breaking a peace treaty/your first attack, restart the game after each attack and lastly (if you're not already) only play on a stable wifi connection. The game will still crash, but speaking for myself (I play on the same...
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    How much cash did you drop on this before it stopped working?

    I've never spent anything on this game. Happy that I haven't too, as the more I progress, the more disdain I have for it. I still play, because honestly, it is still the best mobile game I've played. But best mobile game or not, crowns aren't worth anything at all to me so long as at the click...
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    is there a longdudes fix?

    Try searching with 5 more or 5 less players than was used in the previous war, this worked for us
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    The logs are always correct ....

    5 tactics is maxed for all Nations, with the exception of Korea which maxes out at 6. For more information on this hack, there's another thread about it here.
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    Cheater in Disguise

    I've been attacked by both Sss and Hank, both 5-starred me. I wouldn't have thought it too unusual (I'm only at the end of Enlightenment Age) until I watched the replay and see that the battles only lasted 30-40 seconds. This is simply not possible for a 5-star victory. I reported them both...
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    News from the front!! LastRites hits the Russians.

    Looking forward to more of this. Any new content is welcome, it's been awfully stale around here lately. I am hoping they (soon) update Alliance Wars with attack and defense replays so alliances can share them for strategic purposes, forum members, DomiNations Youtubers/Twitch Streamers (are...