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  1. Berend_War

    Players with Leader name

    Does the base have any buildings on it? if it does you could try to attack it with high HT's donated by your team mates. Drop the alliance gate troops first and when the network connection error occures don't close anything. in the background you see the attack attack still continues let it run...
  2. Berend_War

    Game crashes after video retrain

    Having issues with my main account my alts on the same device are working fine. (Android)
  3. Berend_War

    War Matchmaking Iteration

    So I should include inactive low level players, and exclude high level active players. Changing the war team shouldn't be the solution. That's can't be how Nexon wants this. And not a solution to our team rather take the loss then exclude fanatic war players. Or include 5 inactive iron age accounts.
  4. Berend_War

    War Matchmaking Iteration

    Don't look at war weight just look at ages especially the top 5. If your rushed you should atleast have the strength to attack. And get a decent result.
  5. Berend_War

    War Matchmaking Iteration

    Well for us we had fair wars, up until the last changes were implemented. current war 1 SA, 5 CWA, 5 AA versus our number 1 being Global 3 AA and the rest lower 15 vs 15 war. Outcasts United..
  6. Berend_War

    New update on its way?

    Same here on Android.. Started after the last down time today.
  7. Berend_War

    Training Blessings not working

    Fixed for me be aware that the update isnt pushed for ardroid devices. Not sure for IOS.
  8. Berend_War

    Why BHG?

    I would have too it's my job. If I can't handle it and/or can't manage it, I would have to change my job. They can't make everybody happy. But they can make sure they did the best they could. If you have a dissatisfied customer in your store you can’t hide behind your counter. This will increase...
  9. Berend_War

    Why BHG?

    Maybe your right Stormicus. Or they are tagged that much because people just want to know if BHG is doing anything about the issues. A regular status update in the bugs and know isseus sections would most likely half there tagges. If I were them I would make sure they don't have to tagg me, and...
  10. Berend_War

    Why BHG?

    Why BHG_Muet, TinSoldier Why are you guys ignoring your player community? And why do you give such a horrible support to your customers? There are several things bothering me big time, and now with the training blessing broken I got some time off from the game to think about them. First of...
  11. Berend_War

    Video Retrain Change

    Submitted a support ticket for this it's a known issue. For me when I start training plains or merc camp the retrain all was available again.
  12. Berend_War

    Training Blessings not working

    Tactics blessing is working. (From the temple) Air training blessing working from inventory. Troop Training blessing not working (from inventory and temple) New age released, every body needs resources. Not sure if it's a coincidence but would guess Nexon is getting some serious money this...
  13. Berend_War

    Match Making has been Decent from last 10 days

    Same for us, not many mis matched wars. But only if you look at ages. Looks like university research / museum / library and upgrading the defensive buildings make the difference.
  14. Berend_War

    Stags are drunk

    Not only animals, also seen this behavior with troops and plains
  15. Berend_War

    Training tactics plane blessing still not working

    Same here, and no training blessing really is pain. 🤨
  16. Berend_War

    War Museum, Uni research and premium TT need to be fully factored in war weight

    Looks like it will be all visible once you completed the uni research. TT can't be weight in war who says there used. if I get a premium TT thru a event my war weight shouldn't go up. Museum can't be war weight it can be changed during war day. What card are you going to put up as war weight...
  17. Berend_War

    Are you ready?

    Recruiting again. We are a well organized alliance.
  18. Berend_War

    Airstrip shows 2/6 but i have zero planes

    True God not upgrading a airstrip by any chance. The retrain option still uses the upgrading airstrip. When you use the finish now for crowns. The airstrip upgrading won't finish the plain it's training.
  19. Berend_War

    New General bjorn ironside and VIP

    Don't see any VIP bonus in my TC (CC). Did spend money on the game. But still Global age.
  20. Berend_War

    Too many resources

    Fufutus, moving up medals or moving up a age will solve your issues.