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  1. redprince

    Dominations v11.3 Update - Drone Command

    2 months between big or medium sized updates is nothing. Depending on the team, most take 4-6 months at least. This update was so quick because it was a continuation of the previous Drone Age release. This is nonsense, even huge companies like Supercell take at least 6-12 months for big updates...
  2. redprince

    Banned for Crown Manipulation

    Move on to another game. No way anyone can actually confirm anything you are saying.
  3. redprince

    The new update added the option to delete account but...

    Apple has required that applications give users the ability to easily delete their account within an application by June 30. Otherwise this would not be a feature.
  4. redprince

    DomiNations v9.12 Update

    Time to move on? This narrative has been around for ages, just play something else. All these games need some way for gamers to pay so that they can stay afloat financially. I've only every paid for the starter pack in the 7 years I've played, and yes it's a heck of a grind but I love it and am...
  5. redprince

    Barracks Update thoughts. (Response to complainers)

    Your strategy mainly depends on a factory unit (APC), so I'm not sure the barracks angle makes sense. I do like APCs though, but I typically like to use them as cleanup around a HT strategy...3-4 HTs and APCs with Zooks backing them for cleanup around the edges that take HTs forever to get to.
  6. redprince

    Free 2 play councilors

    I have gotten 2 rare and maybe 10-15 uncommon. The majority is common. But that seems like the correct outcome? Most games I've played with this type of card fusion make it very difficult and laborious to get the good stuff.
  7. redprince

    New version of Forum

    Updating the design nowadays is not expensive and can be done relatively quick. A cheap and easy method to add some freshness. Someone had their thinking cap on.
  8. redprince

    Cheating - When will it end?

    There is not a game or competition on the planet that does not have cheating. It is part of the human plight. So...good luck in life.
  9. redprince

    Ten Bars Club

    I was two bars when this thread started, so not an original. But been around a god awful long time.
  10. redprince

    16 -18 Planes Cheat

    It's almost always a replay issue. I constantly have to remind people in my alliance that replays are garbage and do not show what actually happens. Seeing too many planes is a very common replay issue.
  11. redprince

    Why I'm quitting

    I disagree eith Dracula3811 , I did Clash of Clans before Domi and I do not think they scratch the same itch. Domi is way better in my opinion, you have much better control of troops on attacks, COC you just let them go and hope, drove me nuts. That said, LordStark263AC I am not saying you...
  12. redprince

    Why I'm quitting

    I've been here from the first month this game existed. Everything people are complaining about has been a complaint sine the first months. People still play the game, they pay, and many enjoy it. If they do not enjoy the game they move on to another game. It's a game, if you don't enjoy it just...
  13. redprince

    Nation rebalance News?

    I don't think a rebalance is needed, I've been German since day 1 and that was when they basically just had the fast rally. Each nation has different value at different ages, and Germans are not great until you get into later ages. Also, there are plenty of other ways to help strengthen other...
  14. redprince

    The new matching is terrible

    My alliance has lost only one matchup in our last 10+ match-ups since the change. And the one loss was very close. Usually we are matched pretty even, we had a couple where we were probably he clear favorite, but that was not common. So overall it's been an improvement for us.
  15. redprince

    Will this game even survive???

    Aw I miss some of the early Domi forums members lol, Aussie Guy had some attitude lol.
  16. redprince

    Not received crowns for completing offer

    gxe1134 Thanks for the info. But even with the URL I get the parsing error when I tap on "Missing Crowns?" button to the right of the offer. Is there any other link to contact their CS?
  17. redprince

    Not received crowns for completing offer

    How/where were you guys able to contact IronSource? I'm having the same issue with the Idle Heroes offer, about 6000 crowns I'm supposed to get, and still nothing. But when I go to the 'Missing Crowns?' section I get a "Fail to parse click data" error. Very annoying.
  18. redprince

    Space age soon?

    It's a mobile game...turnover is typically pretty high. The fact that you all played for four years speaks volumes about the game.
  19. redprince

    Tactic Changes - another farce inbound

    Ok I have not been on these forums for months...but this change to the Protect tactic got me out from under my rock...WTF!