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    unable to enter game after switched from iOS to Android

    keep getting new update available pop up
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    Introduction: Joe “Muet” Grubb - Lead Designer

    3* normally mean we lost all of the troops, but our current model is base on troop will survive from battle in most case. This means we need significant reduction of troop / tactic re-train time.
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    Live stream suggestions

    he have joined 5 months
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    Live stream suggestions

    I am also interested to know how our genius Lead Designer raid over 3000 medal
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    Introduction: Joe “Muet” Grubb - Lead Designer

    My Comment: 1. Museum is evil, it ruined multiplayer and now it ruined war. And I don't see any solution for it It is Loot Box, it is gambling and it is very low odd gambling. 2. Re-balance is a lie, it is purely buff the defense. New designer is a liar, and I don't trust the development...
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    Peace Life after Re-balance

    With 3200 medal, I normally being attacked in 10 minute And now not being attacked for whole day good job re-balance
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    When will the Asian server get a crown from video rewards?

    Server will be shut down before Video Offer come to Asia
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    New Users Defending Rebalance

    to purify the player base (and cut server)
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    New Users Defending Rebalance

    the game is beyond saving
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    Combat Rebalance Stage Four Patch Notes

    I won't say I am an expert player, but at least I am an experienced attacker. Before re-balance, I am able to destroy a lv240 base by losing 2-3 planes, half or my troop and 3-4 tactic. after re-balance, I am not able to so. while LV 240 is roughly a late atomic defence and my attack is max...
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    Stage 4 predictions

    All remaining building got 150% more HP Armor Car got more DPS multiplier with Resource, so it can raid faster
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    Museum in war ... do not do it nexon

    Nexon will always do the opposite
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    Some objective thoughts on the rebalancing.

    I maxed in attack, and I can say that, before re-balance, to get 5-stars on a max defender, it need many trials, and only really good player able to do so with some luck After re-balance, it is no way to get 5 stars on a 250+ players (roguhly half Atomic, half CW defense)
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    Multiplayer is non-playable now

    I maxed my attack, but now I found the game is non-playable. Museum provide crazy buff for defense, like +20% attack for defender +20% tower attack etc And now all tower got 3x HP and defender got 2x HP. How can we survive in Multi-player? What is the point to stay in high league?
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    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 3)

    Whales paid, but whales need tons of fishes and shrimps to feed. Now nexon is killing small fish, whales will soon get stareved
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    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 3)

    Re-balance successfully reduced server load. Now we play less, discuss less, and looking for new game.
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    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 3)

    Stage 4: “We still see a lot of 5-star attacks, so we are adding another 100% hp to defensive buildings. We are also adding hp and dps to heavy tanks(In Defense) because we want to see more variety in troop composition.”
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    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 3)

    but Nexon got many games. Nexon made money doesn't mean Dominations made money
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    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 3)

    but 100M come from first year, before Global Age release Revenue drop a lot after Global Age
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    Combat Rebalance Stage Two Patch Notes

    Actually, There is no new content after Industrial Age, each new age is simply number change.Slow progress drive new player away. Rumored that Nexon only got 6M this year, hardly to cover their operation cost