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    Good bye.

    Am I the last of the old generation left in this forum?
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    Troop A.I.

    They all die and they go up in a smoke (skull) puff.
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    CHOO! CHOO! Onward to Industrial Age!

    Status update so far... All Library researches done, 700% Road Connections, All Level 9 walls, 3 Tank Depots, 1 Upgraded Barracks. Upgraded Vault, Storehouse and War Academy. I guessed the keywords in this Age are... 1w 5d, 1w 3d and 1w 1d. *zzzzZZZZZZZ* I kinda put this game aside and went to...
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    Troop A.I.

    I think so. I hardly use Raiders for main attacks. I keep 3 or so just to sweep up those piles of gold if my troops can't get em.
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    Survey for 300 crowns

    I really want to have those Crowns... uh... I mean the survey. :p
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    Bases with ridiculous amount of Upgrading Buildings

    I have not taken any screenshots but sometimes, I encountered bases with like 10 or 20 buildings that are upgrading concurrently. I thought it was just a UI bug. So the other day, I've decided to try and attack one to see. Well, all of the upgrading buildings were not functional just like when...
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    Troop A.I.

    The troop A.I. is really messed up. Frequently, they would cluster together to break walls and enter into the base but then they will walk a short distance and break the walls again to attack the buildings outside the base. After completing that, they will again break more walls to enter the...
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    Input Needed...

    I heard French will be getting a nerf so maybe you want to wait for the update first.
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    What to do?

    Ok. I'll go prepare myself for Halo 5 launch on XBOX ONE then.
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    What to do?

    All my citizens now are like occupied with 1w 3d upgrades. What is there to do? I need to put down this game for a week (I hope I can still remember it after that).
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    It is how to apply strategy with the troops A.I. By deploying troops first and get the garrison to spawn, all the defending troops will chase after the attacking troops. With this, deploying the Guerilla thereafter, will then make him almost invisible to all the defenders (unless new ones...
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    Weekly Feedback: Trade Goods

    It will be nice to have wool. Should allow the farms to have sheeps and we just harvest wool from them without needing to kill em. Maybe you guys should enable trading trade goods among alliance members. You may also want to think like maybe have a unique trade good for each nation so that you...
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    Design Spotlight: Library

    You are already doing a great job! Please DO NOT increase the cost or research times of the Library to ridiculous level or length. Thanks!
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    Then it will be a long way more. I have only started upgrading to Level 11. :(
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    Why are you punishing your most loyal players?

    Please put this inside the game tutorial or pin a detail description of it in the forum. Every now and then, there are players who complain about the medal system.
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    So Much Fun :-)

    Addictive indeed. I wake-up at midnight everyday to check my upgrades but I usually see like 1w more to go.
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    At what level do Camels become Cars?
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    Why I do not buy crowns

    I would like to be a mod too. You can pay me in Crowns. :o
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    Why I do not buy crowns

    Oh! He will survive. He is afterall an Ironangel. Worst comes to worst, he will just be an Industrialangel.
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    What to upgrade?

    Votes Airfield.