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  1. Ravenstyx

    DomiNations Update 12.2 - Museum Loadouts

    Agree with you 100 %
  2. Ravenstyx

    Reign of Valour still recruiting active members

    Were still looking for new active people who want to join a solid familly thats been here for 8 years strong
  3. Ravenstyx

    Why isn't World War matchmaking based on level and Age?

    You missed the point rising too early is not snoozing a strategy to be the best you can be. theres a good reason for it as there should be instead of building a weak structure system it makes it unrealistic for a strategy game. to taken a step further 108,000 for nine farms in Cold War an hour...
  4. Ravenstyx

    Why isn't World War matchmaking based on level and Age?

    I honestly can think of a solution to fix all of it. but it really has to do with levels. Here’s my idea. what they should do is fix by raising the required levels to be a certain age. Yes, I know that at first seems at first impossible now to do so now because some have already entered into an...
  5. Ravenstyx

    Join Reign of Valour

    Reign of Valour is looking for new recruits who are friendly and active in our alliance. We do back to back wars throughout the week. We are an easy going group who is very helpful and giving our members who share the same spirit. We are currently at the 19th perk and growing and are a well...
  6. Ravenstyx

    Reign of Valour still recruiting active members

    Our alliance Reign of Valour is now recruiting active players who will regularly participate in war. We are a very active Alliance that Wars 3 times a week and has very friendly members who work together efficiently as a family. We are proud to have achieved the 11th perk for members. We also...
  7. Ravenstyx

    this is what is wrong with defense it's called neglect!

    Well I also think that they really screwed up when big huge Games took away A certain level required to advance to the next age. I think by doing that it kept the game a little more balanced especially in war between opponents. Now people just rush up the ages and it is counterintuitive to the...
  8. Ravenstyx

    Please help

    I am a leader of an alliance I’ve been playing for 7 years now and sitting at 267th level. About six months ago I had a fire in my apartment which destroyed my phone. In order to rectify this I re-downloaded the game and had to do the tutorial of course and create a new account. I still had my...
  9. Ravenstyx

    An alliance more like a family Reign of Valour now Recruiting active members

    We are Reign of Valour!!! We are a old alliance Now standing strong for over seven long years. If you’re an active member who can be relied on, we have plenty of benefits for you to enjoy. We also have a website which you can Google with the same name as our alliance That will show all our rules...
  10. Ravenstyx

    Core group needs a Team

    Consider us reign of valour. We have been around a long time and are pretty easy going and friendly and helpful. Also over our years we have built up quite a lot of bonuses to enjoy too. I would also advise googling reign of valour to find our website too for our our pretty basic rules and...
  11. Ravenstyx

    Awol leader problem help plz

    i think hes trying to promote his own new alliance though lol
  12. Ravenstyx

    Awol leader problem help plz

    see honestly being how i've been on the game since it was still in its infancy at 3 months old i remember when you didnt have to spend a bloody dime. i mean you still don't technically but sure have made a mess of being able to acquire enough diamonds to get enough mercs for war and dont even...
  13. Ravenstyx

    Awol leader problem help plz

    honestly intelligently he should as a leader has a life outside of the game and needs to tend to that as well which is where a co leader comes in handy. playing devil's advocate though a little will say though from some experience that one should also be careful on who he chooses for this...
  14. Ravenstyx

    Awol leader problem help plz

    well thats why before you give a title you watch how your members interact and parrot what ideas you have and the rules you have in running the alliance. I would give this process some time with each member you're considering for promotion before you rush into doing so. this insures that your...
  15. Ravenstyx

    Awol leader problem help plz

    Good point godz thats why its better to move on and improve with your own alliance what areas you didnt like in your last.
  16. Ravenstyx

    Awol leader problem help plz

    well i mean if there is not leadership then all it will become is dying alliance. If the others cant see that and why you are are doing what you are for the preservation of comradeship well unfortunately let em go down with the ship and just focus on your new created alliance to move forward...
  17. Ravenstyx

    Help me rejoin my Alliance

    Do you remember any of the members from that alliance you might search that way if you can.