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  1. Butcher249

    Please nerf the Drone Command HP

    I just hit a Drone Command with 2 Tu 160 bombers who had boosted attack by recon and the enemy had no artifacts or coalitions reducing the attack strength of bombers yet they barely did a quarter of damage to the HP. How is that possible? Is it a bug or did you guys give the drone commands a...
  2. Butcher249

    Become a Skid Rower today!

    We are still around, almost full now.
  3. Butcher249

    Bunker HP is to low

    This one statement has just summarised every update since the original rebalance.
  4. Butcher249

    Tactics for industrial and global age.

    It's not an easy tactic but it does feel cool to pull it off. The ol' brit shooters and cannons still work too, if you can take out their silo and neutralise their mortars. Arty is getting a boost with the new season.
  5. Butcher249

    Tactics for industrial and global age.

    Welcome back! What civilisation are you playing?
  6. Butcher249

    Become a Skid Rower today!

    We still have space! But you should act soon as we have gotten a lot of new players recently.
  7. Butcher249

    Become a Skid Rower today!

    Always on the lookout, travellers looking for a laid back alliance are welcome!
  8. Butcher249

    Become a Skid Rower today!

    We are still looking for players of any age and skill level to fill out our ranks. Our parliaments have wicked cannons and the discounts we have make all buildings (except walls and TC) free until Medieval. There is no excuse to not give Skid Row a go!
  9. Butcher249

    Become a Skid Rower today!

    We are a bunch of international players who have known each other for a decade. We do well enough in wars and have a LOAD of cool goodies thanks to the Parliament. We are a good home for casual players and active warriors, warring back-to-back during events and twice weekly otherwise. We are...
  10. Butcher249

    Update 9.2 Bugs

    No Title George Washington has changed his look apparently. It seems a bit out dated fashion and a building to boot.
  11. Butcher249

    Skid Row (the alliance) is...

    Just amazingly good fun. Join Skid Row 2, leader is Sky Finger God, all lvls welcome.
  12. Butcher249

    Failure to load game

    Thank you. Of course, that official topic was started up 25 minutes after my original post. I appreciate your help.
  13. Butcher249

    Failure to load game

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I can't get into the game, it won't connect to the server. I can't contact CS through the game as... it won't load. I bought the event pass and I am losing time to complete events that I don't have so you bet I expect compensation for being screwed like this.
  14. Butcher249

    What does a lvl 10 dock offer?

    I haven't been able to find a definitive answer on this one. The wiki says 2 zeros for 3 of those but that makes no sense. Can anyone confirm what tactics and resources you can get from a lvl 10 dock?
  15. Butcher249

    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 4)

    Aren't you guys afraid that your player base will review bomb your app if you keep doing whatever you want without listening to them? Anyone remember the latest Tomb Raider game? Does anyone here play apps that have 1 star or less?
  16. Butcher249

    Upcoming Livestream - 9/20/18

    Hear hear!
  17. Butcher249

    Hannibal's cheaper tactics

    Are working. UNLESS, you use the retrain button in which case you pay the full price.
  18. Butcher249

    CWA player attacking Gunpowder Age players outside of war

    That is odd. I've never been matched outside of the age ranges I'm allowed.
  19. Butcher249

    CWA player attacking Gunpowder Age players outside of war

    There is a player names Khoi who is playing French and is in the Cold War Age and he was able by some crazy miracle to attack an alliance mate of mine who is in the Gunpowder Age. Is this a bug being exploited? Or is Khoi a cheater? This attack occurred outside of a world war, this was a raid.