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    DomiNations Hotfix 12.2.1

    I was able to update to 1321 in the morning, cheers.
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    DomiNations Hotfix 12.2.1

    Same here:-(
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    Now im seeing this but i cant update game???

    Probably related to Thread 'DomiNations Hotfix 12.2.1'
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    Now im seeing this but i cant update game???

    Same here. Located in Germany.
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    DomiNations v9.3 Player Experience Update

    My issue got resolved with the 2021-05-11 update. Thanks.
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    DomiNations v9.3 Player Experience Update

    Well, after update, game is constantly crashing on both my android tablets. Even after reinstall. What the heck?
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    Alliance Gate Perk 3 Fix

    Looks like finally hell is frozen, never thought it will happen, thanks for fixing!
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    6th Anniversary of DomiNations!

    Event pass pricing would be good to know in advance 😍
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    Library Bookcases v9.2 Update

    Thanks for working on this game even after many years. Is it just me or do others also experience the game to be sluggish after the update? My hope was once the snow goes away, performance gets better. However the opposite is true. I try to drop troops and either nothing happens or they get...
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    The Art of War v9.1 Update

    The snow is slowing the players down. Literally. Ain't no fun to play anymore.
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    University research time is massively increasing after restart

    The last update is a slap in the face for all loyal players! Apart from the issues mentioned on this thread, game is crashing on retrain, when trying to contact CS, during attack. No quality assurance at all!
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    The game crashes with the retraining

    Yes, many players seem to be affected! Maybe it's Tin's revenge :-))))
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    Game crashes after video retrain

    Same here. Very annoying. 3 different android devices affected, none of them rooted. No quality assurance at all with latest update I'm guessing.
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    TinSoldier no longer with BHG

    Next update should be named "Tribute to Tin"!
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    3/13/20 Customer Service Ticket Delays

    What happened to Tin? He did a normal post couple of das ago, nothing strange about it.
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    Winter for the Ages 2019-2020!

    Space age rush was released today and only lasts 1 week? This must be a joke!
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    Cold War Rush (1/13/20 - 1/27)

    How about digital age rush? Waiting for the announcement details TinSoldier . Thanks!
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    The Dawn of the DIGITAL AGE!

    Is there a list available with all upgrades available in digital age? For example I think we now can have armored car mk9, but do we get additional levels for fighter planes, tactics etc? Thank you.
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    Today's cheater

    Only an idiot would surround notre dame by walls. This certainly is a stupid cheater.