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  1. ccfoo

    Ten Bars Club

    Hi everyone! Hope all is well! Have fun and keep dominating!
  2. ccfoo

    DAY 375: Breaking Point

    A broken medal system is at least still better than a broken glory and war system. At least there isn't much stalemates and sandbags didn't become popular before the glory system was launched.
  3. ccfoo

    My Christmas Wish List

    Nice list, and merry Christmas to all!
  4. ccfoo

    War with Dominion Stars

    Thanks for a Great War! Good sport and showing by both teams. Well done to the Unknown too!
  5. ccfoo

    So unfair WW Matching - Age Rushing - Selective Upgrading - 10 GA vs 4 GA

    If you decide to max everything and suffer in war, it's due to your lack of understanding how such game works. Everyone knows that offence wins defence in such strategy games. And with card troops, what's the point of defence when someone can just unload twice his army size by paying for it and...
  6. ccfoo

    War with Dominion Stars

    All the best Yendor and The Unknown! Hope to exchange pointers after the war. Cheers!
  7. ccfoo

    Stalemates - Consequences & Suggestions to BHG/Nexon

    Thanks for the post Max. Very spot on and accurate. I can see what ravenlord was talking about months ago when he questioned the purpose of war. What's the point of all the planning etc when you end up in a stalemate. This leads to more problem like sandbags. I am less active in wars nowadays...
  8. ccfoo

    University Bug?

    Nb4powerup need help here? Thanks.
  9. ccfoo

    World War loot completely NOT worth the effort? Please increase the loots

    Their big huge loot event is 2 million food for lvl 5 reward. So they are thinking that you are well rewarded for your war efforts too. They should increase the rewards and give better loot for stalemates/perfect scores.
  10. ccfoo

    University Bug?

    Same here.
  11. ccfoo

    Let's talk Helicopters

    I don't have them on offence as I'm nowhere near AA, but on Defence they seem to outrange even towers, which I find it amusing as towers have a range of 7 too. A pack of them flew over my AA gun though and went down like flies. It seems like infantry from garrisons can hit them but I find that...
  12. ccfoo

    Supply Drop Event

    U need to open the box from the Chinese website for a new one to appear.
  13. ccfoo

    Network Issues - No Spinner

    Nb4powerup thanks for the response, yet I'm sure many of us will still remain frustrated. Firstly, you mention that it might be either due to personal like actual connection loss or server related. While actual connection loss might be possible, may I suggest that it is mainly due to server...
  14. ccfoo

    Network crashes taking to long to fix

    And the worst is when your air strip is under upgrade. I lost all my planes not in battle but due to a crash. And my strip has 5 days left. How? 100 crowns?
  15. ccfoo

    This got to be a record... Network Crashes

    It seems like there is only 1 person in the team working to solve all the bugs and 9 others trying to add events or new contents or more marketing sales to the game and causing it to crash even more.
  16. ccfoo

    The only game

    The more oil you lose in this unorthodox way without peace treaties, the more you need to farm to get them, the more chance you might be tempted to use crowns to retrain troops before you log out, and the more money they can possibly earn. Unlike the university bug which affects their pocket and...
  17. ccfoo

    Countering the sniper tower?!! I miss having healers. :'(

    I have a feeling it targets according to the order to you drop your troops too. Split your range units, drop some after you unload your trucks. Let it hit them instead. Otherwise, you can just keep a few footies or rifleman, and when you realise that it starts targeting your healing truck (which...
  18. ccfoo

    What's wrong with leather?

    You got to pretend that you don't need it for it to start appearing again. Try it.
  19. ccfoo

    Is anyone crashing today?

    I hope that they can seriously reconsider rushing out atomic age. It's like building a house on sand. It already keep crashing down at this stage, why bother to build it any higher? To fleece more money from your customers?
  20. ccfoo

    Unbelievable lots of crushes going on raidings

    Please Nexon, for goodness sake, do something. Let us know what you are planning to do and keep us updated of the progress. Many members are contemplating to quit soon. Frustration is mounting and it's either make or break now. Times ten please please please please please please please please...