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  1. Terra

    Information Age Wonders

    85% max yes, if stacking the same attributes. But with add’l slot one can include previously omitted things.
  2. Terra

    Vickers, vickers, vickers

    Both. It is a powerful bomber. Air units are in demand because they avoid ground obstacles, walls, and troops. If you have one (maybe from event award?) set up a base challenge and have a practice go :)
  3. Terra

    Glory Adjustment letter from Support taking Glory Away

    Yes, some of our members received a letter calling out the names of cheaters. Recipients of the letter are regular members & not leaders, plus they do not recognize the accused names at all. Unknown why such letters are making the rounds but yes it is happening.
  4. Terra

    Rampant ongoing cheating in dominations

    They see legit sales going through their system. Many (not all) big spenders acquire their disposable income through illegitimate means. So from BHG’s perspective they see players spending crowns on max walls, max generals, 100’s of troop cards, and having a max base two days after jumping an...
  5. Terra

    Vickers, vickers, vickers

    Remember sometimes the units are legitimately bought, but with illegitimate money. In other word the cheat happens outside the game when acquiring currency through digital hacks, then once in pocket it is spent like real money. So to BHG it just looks like a proper sale. TL;DR some...
  6. Terra

    Your favorite board game?

    My fave game ever
  7. Terra

    Plane paths explained

    Stormicus, sometimes these thumbnails will not open big if your device/computer has JavaScript turned off or ad-blockers turned on. Even this image’s link goes to external site Called “Imgur” which needs JavaScript turned on. Try this direct link:
  8. Terra

    Naval feature

    Been on our player discussion table for years. I remember no response from BHG, but maybe one day they will read here. The official forum. They do read more and respond more on the Discord channel DomiNationsPrime. I think because of the quick response/chat features instead of thread/forum...
  9. Terra


    Interesting. And perhaps the colonies provide additional resources? Or unique troops?
  10. Terra

    Age rush

    > I once heard DominatIons referred to as a “forever game”... Remember that Tim Train, CEO of BHG, refers to this game’s living & changing nature as the main ingredient to make this game “a 15+ year game”.
  11. Terra

    Current War Only Event

    Thx guys for seeing the extra days. Unknown why three days showing but 5 day event. I appreciate pointing it out.
  12. Terra

    Current War Only Event

    EDIT: I am wrong :) And happy to be wrong because the event is lasting more days. For some reason original text said 3, but we seem to be going into overtime... so that is great. ORIGINAL: BHG, when holding “war specific” events in the future please consider the pre-war 24 hr planning day...
  13. Terra

    Alliance and World Wars

    Hi Cougar, and welcome to your forums. You ask 2 great questions: Why alliance and why war? The two previous answers are spot on and here’s some more technical jargon. Alliances offer bonus perks to every members’ individual base such as traps more powerful or your roads generate more gold -...
  14. Terra

    Calling on all Attackers please speak your mind!

    A unit General. Very powerful and recently on sale. Apparently so effective that it is being rolled back in power.
  15. Terra

    APC units capped at 6 after Wu Zetian upgrade (supposed to be 12)

    Oh yes, that 12! This means by training an APC it costs 12 spaces from our quantity of troops. I can definitely see the confusion here because of the words ‘troop space’. I think we players’ typical maximum quantity of troops (before nation bonus or temporary building allowances), is...
  16. Terra

    Which will be the last age?

    The thread’s title brought out my creativity, but yes I definitely agree that we players are basically beta testers for a concept game in perpetual sprint rollouts. And with rotating/exiting staff, the code is bug heaven. It is almost as if there’s only motivation to keep just the game idea...
  17. Terra

    Savable Museum Profiles

    Throwing another vote to Exiliado’s idea! It has been proposed before but probably lost in archives. Setting things up like our 3 base choices in a good comparison. Imagine the convenience of categories such as: - Defense (your fave museum pieces when sleeping) - Offense (your power pieces used...
  18. Terra

    Vault Capacity and Interest

    No Title The base amount depends on the level of your vault. And museum pieces (such as interest or capacity), may be placed just when you are doing the vault activity. No need to keep interest in place for a day. 。Picture shows my typical pattern for museum & vault. If you follow that pattern...
  19. Terra

    APC units capped at 6 after Wu Zetian upgrade (supposed to be 12)

    Yes, the max any APC can drop is 6. What our various research does is up the number of troops that come out at once. The text used in research description omits that part, so it reads like we are researching additional troops total not additional troops per-deployment. Early APC troops saunter...
  20. Terra

    APCs deploy what?

    Found the answer to my troop discrepancy, and will leave it here in case others experience the same: APC will deploy uniques, but the troop qualities are based in the APC's Level not the barrack's troop level. In my case the APC is one lvl below maxed garrison troop, so the deployed troops is...