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  1. wabbit

    new defense building, new trap and spy defender

    how about add new defense building that will spawn artilleries or mortars. it need to be filled with oil, similar with the bunker. this building will exploded if its destroyed damaging any nearby units (attacker & defender) and other adjacent buildings. the explosion damage depend to its...
  2. wabbit

    new defense building - ammo warehouse

    how about add a new defense building that spawn the artillery or mortar. the name is ammo warehouse it spawn several artilleries and will explode if its destroyed, destroying any nearby units and buildings regardless its attacker or defender. this building work like a bunker, you need to fill...
  3. wabbit

    New University Leader (Medic)

    Could this game add new university leader that come from country that hasn't had any university leader before ? such as from india, japan or south america. 1. to commemorate covid19 and give respect to frontline medical worker this leader is a doctor / medical profesional 2. it will improve...
  4. wabbit

    incentive for player to upgrade their farm, caravan and oil well

    Thx for the support daniel !, Hi nexon dev team, see... You need to give incentives for players to upgrade their resources to the max. Playing and attacking will be more fun with more higher level caravan , farm and oil well, many players will be happy to get more loots from their opponents...
  5. wabbit

    incentive for player to upgrade their farm, caravan and oil well

    Thanks Thomson !, hi BHG, many players support this idea, its time for the game developer implement this idea and attract more player to upgrade their resources building by give incentive. ​​​​​​ more higher level farm, caravan and well means more loot for everyone and more ordinary player could...
  6. wabbit

    incentive for player to upgrade their farm, caravan and oil well

    I hope nexon or BHG will soon give incentive for upgrade farm, caravan and oil wells. If everyone only upgrade their defense and offense and let their caravan and farm at their basic level, there will be very little loot everywhere and many ordinary players will quit the game.
  7. wabbit

    defensive tactic - fake general

    I hear nexon will introduce new update that let guard general coming out from the destroyed fort. some people may start to complain that it will make many general unavailable for offensive because those guard general most likely killed easily by the attacker troops. i know some players may...
  8. wabbit

    incentive for player to upgrade their farm, caravan and oil well

    Yeah, BHG do mistake with increase number of worker from 2 to 4 for farm and caravan. I hope in the next update they add uni leader that will reduce the farm and caravan upgrade time by 30%. I doubt they will ever reduce the number of worker return back to 2. But i can see many players still...
  9. wabbit

    incentive for player to upgrade their farm, caravan and oil well

    I care about gold and food as well, i need them for upgrade my walls and also some defense building such as tank depot is so expensive. I see many players are happy with the five emperor event, they shown their record loots result in the internet, i mean more loot -> more player happy. I mean...
  10. wabbit

    incentive for player to upgrade their farm, caravan and oil well

    Thanks for your support wenz.rain, we need push nexon to give bonus for upgrading resource building, so we get more loot for every attack and do less attack. many casual players are suffer because they get attacked shortly after log off, and it may push them off from this game. we need more...
  11. wabbit

    incentive for player to upgrade their farm, caravan and oil well

    We need incentive for player to upgrade their resources building, so there are a lot loot available and easier for player to move up their age. how about give incentive for player ? Such as for farm, total we have 8 farm, max level is 18, so total : 144 upgrade level. the incentive is : 3...
  12. wabbit

    air strike trap and mobile SAM

    I ever wrote an suggestion for the air strike trap, which is almost similar in the starwars commander air trap. But nexon seem doesn't care. so the idea is having some trap (1x1 in size) but with radius trigger area about 3 - 4. If the attacker hit it, the baseowner planes will attack the...
  13. wabbit

    global event (age specific)

    I have an idea about global event. This idea come from old facebook game - castle age. so domi admin could start their global event and players with specific age could activate it, and call his friends to participate. the event last for 7 days and each event has max. Number of players that can...
  14. wabbit

    dock improvement

    I have idea about improving dock to become a kind of barrack for amphibious military operation. the dock capacity will be independent depend to the dock level and wont reduce the barrack/factory troop capacity start from industrial age. level 1 (capacity : 1) train a small gunboat (space :1)...
  15. wabbit

    another power plant ideav

    I've ever propose power plant idea before, now i want to propose another idea about power plant that also "push" player to upgrade their resources building. as we know, many players do not upgrade their resources buildings and only focus with their offence & defence capabilities. this make...
  16. wabbit

    daily league bonus

    Hi everyone. i just think that daily league bonus should include : gold, food and oil too, similar with victory chest, also marcopolo should bring stuff relative to the league level as well.
  17. wabbit

    power plant

    I like the power plant event idea. so a building that will increase resource production, plane and factory training time. the building should have range, maybe similar with acropolis or versailes. say start in industrial age level 1 power plant will increase basic productivity by 10%, level 2 by...
  18. wabbit

    new university leader - amelia

    Ok. Thank you for all of those infos. It will take a lot of work to get the resources, but the good thing is if i'm short of resources, i can send my worker to do other research, maybe do leonardo or sejong..give it few days, and return to amelia again.
  19. wabbit

    new university leader - amelia

    Does anyone has unlocked her research skill ? How many worker need to do her research, what is the cost and for how long ? My uni is still level 3, so her research tree information is still locked.
  20. wabbit

    introduce : bunker trap (hidden / camouflage) redoubt

    How about add camouflage redoubt or bunker trap. this trap has same capability with machine gunner : slowing down the enemy, has more range than gunner, maybe range 5 or 6 - because it has bigger gun, has more damage as well. the drawback is : its stationary- bunker is underground. The bunker...