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  1. kgaskell01

    Are there Museum effect limits?

    Saw it again. There is definitely an 85% limit (museum artifact + blessing) on "Looted Resource Refund" Anyone know for sure about the limits, if any, on other effects? Maybe TinSoldier could chime in on this instead of having other players guessing. thanks
  2. kgaskell01

    Are there Museum effect limits?

    I just updated a museum artifact's "Looted Resource Refund" and I think I saw a message that I have reached the "Looted Resource Refund" limit of 85%. is this true? if so are there limits on other artifact effects and if there are, can anyone document what these limits are? thanks
  3. kgaskell01

    Login Issues

    Nice. Has NEXON / BHG ever heard of stress testing? Time to back out the Big Event release. I don't see this resolving quickly any other way...
  4. kgaskell01

    Defensive building priority?

    Would like the forum's collective opinion on which defensive building is the most powerful. Aside from updating at least one garrison and one tank depot after advancing an age, which building type (Mortar, Machine Gun, Tower, Tank Depot, Garrison, Anti-Tank, Air Defense, Sniper Tower, Missle...
  5. kgaskell01

    Bastions 7.1 Update - coming soon!

    Especially since the introduction of bastions has broken town edit. Now, whenever I go into edit mode on my existing base, it automatically selects a 2x2 building and puts it in my inventory to place. It will not let me put it back where it was. So now town edit is a USELESS feature. Nice.
  6. kgaskell01

    Do something with Surplus of NTGs

    In an Alliance, but I do not participate in the world war. Too many times where several members do not attack and we would end up losing., so now I just use the alliance to donate and receive donations. My buildup comes from Expeditions, regular battles and now watching advertisements. At one...
  7. kgaskell01

    Traverse traps by trap type

    Please change the trap traverse so that they traverse by trap type (ambush, mine, caltrops, etc) instead of current wait traverses through all of them. It would make it a lot easier to assess the state of your traps...
  8. kgaskell01

    Do something with Surplus of NTGs

    Why not the ability to trade NTGs for something, anything in the storehouse? I’d even trade them for Wall Manuals. Most are maxed out in my treasure chest and my inventory has NTGs ranging from inventory in the twenties to some where I have > 500.
  9. kgaskell01

    King Tut’s Tomb Event

    Same here. Blueprints are discounted, but museum resource requirements are the same. Regarding pckrn’s response, the announcement in the game states 1. “Artifacts cost 20% less Blueprints and 20% less resources ....”r, 2. “food, gold and oil” do not come Into play when unlocking museums and...
  10. kgaskell01

    Radar only giving 10% boost to redoubt attack

    Is the base (no perks added) damage / HP of buildings / defensive troops / attacking troops accurately define anywhere.
  11. kgaskell01

    war museum is being hacked and manipulated by several teams

    Tested, based on past rollouts (Oops, we forgot to design a way to distribute museum “artifact” resources so we destroyed expeditions, on twitch example attacks they always stack their forces so the is no embarrassing losses while the user community is watching, ...) I would assume their...
  12. kgaskell01

    Really Fair Game....

    No Title
  13. kgaskell01

    Really Fair Game....

    The last three attacks against my base have been fighter only attacks and in two runs, my 65,445 town center had been destroyed, even with two of my max’ed SAMs protecting it. Looks like it’s time for another NERF.
  14. kgaskell01

    Restoration of Expedition secondary reward - status / timeline

    Thought I’d try one more time. Nexon support - please comment o the return f the removed expedition rewards. TinSoldier it was clearly revealed by you that the secondary rewards were replaced because of Museum Design flaw where it was discovered that there was no other way for users to...
  15. kgaskell01

    Questions about museum artifacts, specifically the perks about “Defenders”

    TinSoldier, or any of the other NEXON moderators, can you chime in on my original question? thanks
  16. kgaskell01

    But That's Not The Way It Happened!

    I guess my issue with replays is when they show my base being attacked by 8 - 15 Fighters ( and this number is repeated in the battle results). Very difficult for me to accept this is the result of Nexon’s AI gone bad...
  17. kgaskell01

    Questions about museum artifacts, specifically the perks about “Defenders”

    1. Can anyone verify what constitutes a defender? I assume it includes each Garrison level of Infantry, each Tank Depot level of Heavy Calvary, each Bunker level of Heavy Tank, but does it apply to Generals from a Fort defenders generated by studying Resistence In the library Defenders...
  18. kgaskell01

    When extra houses are removed why doesn't CS stop the extra upgrades?

    I reported one user who had 30+ upgrades going. It took daily complaint in multiple threads to get CS to do anything
  19. kgaskell01

    Cheaters Vs Nexon

    Welcome to game. NEXON doesn’t understand or care to understand the effect it has to the players and their bottom line. Read the reviews on the Apple store and you will see that their apathy is present. I report on average one OBVIOUS cheater a week and have only had one removed. I track...
  20. kgaskell01

    Restoration of Expedition secondary reward - status / timeline

    Thought I’d try one more time. The wonderful moderators gave this a lot of lip service originally, which gave us long time players some hope, but no status, nor no changes leads me to believe that was just a lot of LIP SERVICE. Please, Stop treating your long playing long paying players LIP...