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  1. Arya_Dominations

    August State of the Nations

    From the way it is described, the silo will hurt everyone EXCEPT the british line attackers (no cluster of troops, no point rallies).
  2. Arya_Dominations

    August State of the Nations

    At this point, you could as well either advertise for ipads, or put on a disclaimer : "game not suitable for android". SERIOUSLY, more decoy need ?? I'm on the edge of quitting.... And what BALANCE ? As if the brits were not already overpowered, now the brit rifle line spam (no big troop...
  3. Arya_Dominations

    Wow! Just started playing. Easily BEST game on the market!!!

    Welcome to DomiNations, JoeyParker. I understand your excitement... After almost two years of playing (and not paying one cent), the game is still fun for me.
  4. Arya_Dominations

    Base Editor frustration

    I have had the same bug since the last update - unable to place a building on certain open patches.
  5. Arya_Dominations

    Best Atomic Age Heavy Tank army config

    I don't add howies to heavy tanks, because (as you noted) they die fast. I go with HT & regular tanks. Percentage of each troops may vary. Admittedly, i don't take bases level 200+, but it performs excellently at my level. Multiplayer too, HT & tanks. or just a very tanky composition when i...
  6. Arya_Dominations

    Oil raided by tactical helicopter - video

    The title says it all...
  7. Arya_Dominations

    Where are all the good videos?

    Lots of great suggestions above... And you are welcome to check my channel - attack videos with written commentary. Mostly gunpowder content these days, as my newly atomic account is still benched for 10+ days doing atomic upgrades.
  8. Arya_Dominations

    Why do you guys still war?

    I war because of the awesome community. As for the glitches, i take them with a grain of salt and a sigh. I'm not going to give myself a heart attack over a game....
  9. Arya_Dominations

    Need Help remebering how to raid in this game.

    Here is a video example of raiding in gunpowder age (university not build at the time, so it is the really basic troops) : and i have plently of war attacks with my two gunpowder age accounts on my channel - just dive in. - troop combination - drop point - rally - kill the catapults first, then...
  10. Arya_Dominations

    View Lone Wolf participants here.

    The Lone Wolf tournament has zero pay to win elements (no troop cards, empty strongholds), get in if you want to prove your skills ! You can see who is already registed, on challonge. Atomic Age bracket : Global Age bracket :
  11. Arya_Dominations

    Gunpowder Lone Wolf PvP Tournament : challenge me !!

    The first edition of the Lonewolf tournament (industrials only) was a success. Congratulations to Azrael !! The second edition is opening soon (not nexon soon), with a brackets format, open to all ages, thanks to the hard work of HairyConniption, Christopher, Velvetta, and Lightbringer. I've...
  12. Arya_Dominations

    Mismatch of the year ?

    Update : It turned out to be a great experience. Challenging, stressful, nerve-wrecking, until the very last second. We lost by 4 stars. No regrets.
  13. Arya_Dominations

    Mismatch of the year ?

    One would think that the potential glory for winning agsinst those odds would be yuuuge, but it is 127 if we win, 442 if we lose..... ?? Apparently beating Boot Camp with 7 industrials is such a feat that it warrants 442 glory. (To ge honest Boot Camp only had one narrow defeat in it's war...
  14. Arya_Dominations

    Mismatch of the year ?

    So after 19+ hours of searching, Boot Camp (gunpowder and under) finally got a match.... we are facing 7 IA, 2 EA. What on Earth ?? Boot Camp : 1 EA, 14 GP, 10 MA, 10 CA. enemy alliance : 7 IA, 2 EA, 5 GP, 11 MA, 9 CA, 1 IrA. This is as bad as an industrial alliance...
  15. Arya_Dominations

    In all honesty, how much money have you guys spent on the game.

    Grand total of 0, with three accounts and playing for 18 months. Thanks to everyone funding my free play.
  16. Arya_Dominations

    So what is your new tactics strategy with the New Update?

    On my main account i will go with 8 demolitions. On my gunpowder accounts.... still scratching my head.
  17. Arya_Dominations

    Fluff pieces on earnings...

    2 million battles fought per day... if i play say 20 battles a day.... you do the math. maybe 100.000 active players... ? another interesting stat was 4 million castles built. that many players made it to medieval age.
  18. Arya_Dominations

    April 2017 Design Spotlight

    I play defense. I spend hours to come up with creative bases, and to review the bases of my allies. Still it is discouraging to spend half a month on a mortar uprade, when the whole base is going to be sabbed anyways. Now defenses, warbases layouts will be even more crucial to win wars. Good...
  19. Arya_Dominations

    April 2017 Design Spotlight

    I do appreciate any effort to make defense meaningful (otherwise why work on my defenses at all ? if my whole base will be 'frozen' anyways), and to balance nations. The british empire is way too overpowered with rifle spams and ad libitum sabotage.
  20. Arya_Dominations

    War crashes

    Yes this is a major problem since the last update. We lost our last war, against K3, (with a lot of glory at stake) due to no other reason that one of our top players had both his attacks crashing !! And i've noticed an unual amount of crashes, reported by youtubers. Please fix this !!