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  1. David Pasquinel

    Wall upgrades should not require a free citizen

    To make DomiNations great again!
  2. David Pasquinel

    Wall upgrades should not require a free citizen

    In a reality that in midgame nearly all upgrade times surpasses weeks, I agree with OP.
  3. David Pasquinel

    When are we finally going to admit that the British faction is overpowered?

    Probably his base designs are out-ranged by the brit archies.
  4. David Pasquinel

    A real special!!!!

    Where I live the dollar-local currency balance is currently 1 = 3.23, there are surreal deals, like 110 local bucks for a tech and some pack of one-use pack of units. As a single guy with minor expendancies, I spend around 50 local bucks weekly on food. .
  5. David Pasquinel

    New Defensive Building - Ability to call in air support

    How about just making the Airfield generate some little fighters when you are invaded?
  6. David Pasquinel

    Peace Treaties Needed for Defenses with Resource Loss

    I think that 30-40% Destruction should give a shield to the defender.
  7. David Pasquinel

    A real special!!!!

    These deals are a good for Nexon, and nobody else. Cresus Jhist, Nexon dudes, I can buy a triple A steam/console game with what you guys charges on your so-called promotions.
  8. David Pasquinel

    Instead of pricedrop events give us a better in-game economy

    Actually, I know it. They change only what they want, and I doubt that they will ever move a ounce on a balance that goes extremelly well in their favour. My thread is more (a rant) to a rally point to perharps voice a colletive dissatisfaction.
  9. David Pasquinel

    Instead of pricedrop events give us a better in-game economy

    As you progress in the game, upgrades scales up sharply to mentally-ill levels, but the resource generation does not keep on par, forcing players to play like point-of-no-return-crackheads or spend A LOT of real money to build the new current-age boom-thingy, as crowns are expensive and you cant...
  10. David Pasquinel

    The Great Resource Shortage of 2016

    If this in-game 1929 crash make enough ruckus to reach the marble halls of developer feedback, brace yourselves for some grudging talks like "mimimi balance, mimimi we had tons of developer talks about that, mimimi, if we raise the caravan/farm income everyone will reach the last ages fast and...
  11. David Pasquinel


    I think that this "popular demand" should be a cue that the resource generation on this game is too low, pushing the players to raiding. The investiment of upgrading your economy is so unworthy that one should consider upping the farms and caravans when there is nothing else better to do or when...
  12. David Pasquinel

    Post Update: Are you playing less?

    Some weeks ago I finally got my hands on a current-gen console and I rarely am playing Dominations. If I'm going to sit on a grindfest, let me do that at Destiny. In fact, way before that, since the early patch notes for this crappy update, my interest went down to 33%. While my patience to this...
  13. David Pasquinel

    Available: Update Notes for 2.5.x (iOS and Android)

    In paper, it is getting better, because it is 60 minutes for the same cost on diamonds and half the cider. But diamonds are way too rare on the current state and as far as we are concerned, they do not plan to increase the incidence of them.
  14. David Pasquinel

    Available: Update Notes for 2.5.x (iOS and Android)

    Rise diamonds costs? Really? I would not bother to pay more cider for the blessings, but common, guys... They are rarer than real life ones already and we will need to spend twice as much... But well, now they at least made some counterbalancing instead of just nerfing things up.
  15. David Pasquinel

    Best of luck and thanks for the good times.

    Another fine ship sailed away. "It's time to go now, Haul away your anchor, Haul away your anchor, It's our sailing time".
  16. David Pasquinel

    Weekly Feedback: Map Editor

    Being able to save multiple layouts feature is a must. Also, It would be nice if there is a dot on the ground to indicate where the real center of the map is, like CoC.
  17. David Pasquinel

    The Redoubt

    Redoubts are fortified placements (sometimes improvised on the battlefield, sometimes built as a fixed construction) where soldiers can fall back to. Instead of a tall tower, the building should be something like a little fortified trench hole with guys firing organ guns that at Enlightment...
  18. David Pasquinel

    Fusilier (any unit)powerup is an overpriced purchase

    And the fusiliers might die all togheter under one mortar shell or shredded by redoubt pellets.
  19. David Pasquinel

    Timeframe for new content

    I think that the devs should focus on tweaking and fixing the game first instead of rush to bring new content that sends the gameplay to hell and bring a new batch of bugs and subsequent nerfs. And they are not stupid - they will never state release dates of anything. It dont takes an Einstein...
  20. David Pasquinel

    Fusilier (any unit)powerup is an overpriced purchase

    The only deal that was worth anything was the (now controverse) extra house + 1200 crowns thing. All the others are big huge offensive rip-offs. With the cash of three of these weak packages we can get one good recent AAA release on any current-gen console or PC, or lots of pay-once mobile...