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    Change the Pre selected troops to infantry!

    Agreed! This must get put back -- And if you don't have any alliance troops, the default is the DRONE... which then comes with a 4K oil cost!.. Put the infantry back as the damn default! Or better yet -- Give us the ability to CUSTOMIZE the layout of the items in the bar down there!
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    Royal match ad is becoming abuse

    YES! This frustrates me to no end... Waiting for the ad is one thing, but then clicking the X to close and bouncing to the App Store, and back to the ad and trying to click it again and again sometimes going back to the app store AGAIN.... Is absolutely annoying as crap.
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    Costs are getting completely out of hand

    Over the past 6 months (maybe more) the costs for everything in this game has gotten so out of hand. The current "sale" for the Mars Rover -- It's not even a WAR Legendary and is going for a whopping $908 !! Come on now, that is absolutely NOT realistic in any shape or fashion.. worse yet -...
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    Free 2 play councilors

    I absolutely DESPISE this council addition And the drop rates assigned to this crap. Max of 3 cards I can buy with food a day... and they are almost ALL uncommon. Then you have the fusion but the fusion chance is the same damn thing. At a minimum, add a 10:1 or 20:1, whatever fusion rate for...
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    New UI is garbage.

    This troop bar change is horrible and it’s not a matter of getting use to it... it makes no sense to have one time “special case” troops first in the line. If you want to actually make the UI better and easier to use then 1. Aircraft at the far left 2. Barracks/Factory next 3. Tactics 4...
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    First WW match after changes, please report here

    One other thing we've been noticing..... Opponents war base after a matchup is configured ends up NOT being the war base they have when the matchup starts. My belief if that some are queueing with bases that are not fully developed and then they change them before the start. Bases should be...
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    First WW match after changes, please report here

    For us the matchmaking has been pretty horrendous. We've been doing 20v20 matches. Out top 2 are 240 CW. 3-10 are a mix of atomic and global from 170 to 200ish. With out bottom 10 being 100 - 160ish across industrial+. Out of the 8 or so matchups we have had the first 1 was the only even...
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    Revert the rebalance — a plea to BHG/Nexon

    I’m overly frustrated as well as most others in my alliance.... We are now struggling to get 2-3 stars on bases that are 30+ levels below ours and -1 in age level. I either loose all my troops, or I run out of time — and this is with ALL of my troops maxed out and fairly heavily researched in...
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    Wars, Rubies, Marco, Troop Chest, and the Museum

    Really getting frustrated with the lack of reason to do much of anything in this game any longer. Once our clan hit Level 10, along with Rubies becoming useless with the Troop Chest disappearing, there is no reason to war any longer.... I’m boggled why they didn’t tie all this stuff together...