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    Still no ntgs

    Yup. Me too. It’s laughable how bad these devs are. Also, their customer service isn’t much better. Maybe we need to buy more things in game. :-/
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    DomiNations V9.6 Quick Victory

    How incompetent are the developers? They push out a fix that doesn’t fix it?? I really should quit this game.
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    Not getting any ntgs

    Me too. I won 5 cheese and 1 silk in an attack. Only 2 of the cheese showed up in my account balances and the silk was missing too. I have reported it to CS. this is gonna make coalitions even harder than usual.
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    DomiNations V9.6 Quick Victory

    You forgot to actually add HP to the Decoy. and the Troops Lost screen at the end of battles is now picked way off to the side where it’s mostly not visible. anybody still doing quality control over there?
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    Parliament Cannon Range Bugged

    Yup. I’ve said as much myself. Only to get the usual Customer Service answer that is indicative of their inability to read carefully or play the game themselves.
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    Parliament cannon everything we know so far

    Why is the shown range so far off? Its actual range is closer to an ATG or Tower than the shown 10 of a Mortar.
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    Library Bookcases v9.2 Update

    Harriet Tubman Spy ability still does not allow us to see what level of research an opponent in WW has completed in the new Library books. Please fix this.
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    Library Bookcases v9.2 Update

    Why is there another patch pushed out today (March 15)? What is in it?
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    Burj AI Arab bug

    The latest update did not fix this. The bug still exists. The estimated time to upgrade something shows what it should be - 9% reduction. But when you actually start to upgrade it, the displayed time to completion is greater than what was estimated - showing an 8% reduction. Please fix this in...
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    War Matchmaking Iteration

    The war mismatches have gone from bad to worse with the rollout of Info Age.
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    Burj AI Arab bug

    No. It only gives the discount for 8 houses, when there are clearly 9 lit up. Do the math, Nexon!
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    Repeating targets

    When searching for MP battles, the same opponents keep coming up fairly regularly. I am an Info Age player. Usually between 2000 and 3000 medals. I didn’t used to see this much repetition of targets. Given that it costs me 3500 gold every time I hit Search, I expect better diversity of targets.
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    Information Age Bugs

    Bastion placement map editor bug is still there. Roman Heavy Infantry icon is gone. Nightwitches and C-119 Flying Boxcars got demoted to Level 1.
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    Welcome to the Information Age!

    My Nightwitch and C-119 Flying Boxcars got demoted to Level 1.
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    I have observed the same silliness. As have other members of our alliance. No point in bringing it up. It’s so far down the list of real problems with this game. Just another example of your developers not playing the game enough to see their own mistakes.
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    Alliance Research v8.4 Update

    Nope. Not fixed as of May 15. Just got burned by this. AGAIN.
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    Battle not ending after it was won

    I 5-starred a base in MP. But the game did not close the battlefield screen after all units were defeated. The clock stayed stuck at 51 seconds remaining. Would not let me drop more units or tactics. Stayed this way for several minutes until I force-closed the game. When I reopened it, the win...
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    The Republic of the Philippines v7.3 Update

    TinSoldier, please explain your response further. Are you saying Helsinki and Mumbai and other port destinations are falsely representing their rewards because not everybody has upgraded their game???
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    Mumbai is a lie!

    The Mumbai port destination says it offers 181 Supplies. It does not. It returns with 91 Benefactors. What a waste of 3 citizens for 1 day and 19 hours!
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    The new Dock discussion thread!

    What a crock of horse dung. I hate these new changes to the Port cities. I hope you like the museum artifacts you have, because Supplies just got much tougher to get.