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    1 player needed to start wars

    Please consider joining "Christ is Lord" alliance. We are one member away from being able to do wars. The alliance is now led by an experienced player who learned the game in a top 100 alliance. Come and enjoy fellowship with other believers while having fun winning wars!
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    Low war weight alliance

    Get in on the ground floor of a new low war weight alliance named ... "Low War Weight" (subtle, huh?). Come check it out!
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    More even war matchup idea

    I would love to see a restriction in the war matchup algorithm that would mandate that the highest age base from each alliance in a war would have to be within one age of each other. For example, if the top age base was Space Age, the opposing alliance would have to have their highest age base...
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    Alliance for New Players

    Looking for players interested in learning Dominations and starting something from the ground up. Please join Constant War!
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    I just started a new alliance called Constant War. The crest is the black and white checkered flag. I appreciate any help that you can give me with this!