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    Burj Al Arab does not work

    Leviathan this seems to be related also to the Uni research of Harriet Tubman With IA we got another claymore mine and I saw the following behavior: Prerequisites for Repro: * Harriet Tubman trap upgrade time maxed (10%) * Burj Al Arab with 9 houses in vicinity 1. Check the upgrade time of...
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    Introducing our new Community Managers!

    Hello Ayo and Leviathan, I'm a player from the alliance First Order and am playing since February 2016. Currently DA level 301 and this is the only mobile game I play for longer than a couple of weeks - so keep doing a great job as this is the best mix of strategy and combat currently on the...
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    Ranged units/generals sniping units that moved away

    Hey support team, had a weird behavior in today's WW attack. I dropped a decoy and placed a Zhukov to have the enemy troops march towards him. Then I rallied him to another position. This in itself is not that significant. What is significant is that as soon as some of the Helo TTs and the...
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    Video and video retrain issues on iOS since update

    No Title Y'all talking to the wrong people - apparently it's not BHGs fault.
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    Video issues on IOS

    I actually contacted customer support regarding video issues but they told me to reach out to ironSource as they would be the one responsible for the ads lol
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    Building Upgrade Spreadsheet

    Hey bro, thanks a lot for all the work, but for whatever reason you have the shipyard max level set to 12 - but currently the max is 11: Also the university research sheet is showing all researches as 5 - regardless if it's a 10 level research or 1...
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    Building Upgrade Spreadsheet

    Yes the armored ambush trap is 70k oil without any discounts
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    Building Upgrade Spreadsheet

    As I assume you have Microprocessors researched, that'll be 9 days without any time reduction
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    Building Upgrade Spreadsheet

    First level of economic prosperity takes 1d 16h for my DA account, where I have Microprocessors researched (15% less Library research time). So if I assume the first level is 48 hours and multiply by 0.85 I'm getting 40.8 hours, that should be the 1d 16h for the first research.
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    Blessing Hotfix Available Now*

    all the ones you propose jagadeeshgarapati are too strong - maybe a 10% HP increase for all troops would be in tone also SomeRandomPlayer you forgot the SA library research reducing training times by 10% so in theory the french were already at 96% but with VIP they would be at 116% :)
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    New General bjorn ironside and VIP

    So I don't have any numbers but can just provide something that might be interesting for all: On my main account, I have access to Björn - so I must be VIP 1. There I bought the estate when it was on sale for around 30€ On my alt, I did buy the 3 day Villa when it was available for like 1,79€...
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    Walls maxed (lvl 18), now what?

    search for museum artifacts and spend your gold/food/oil there
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    Children's Day Event!

    Kids are like farts, your own don‘t bother you as much 😉
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    artifact advice for tanks; 20% dps or hp?

    Defo number 2 - as land mines are the real killers of HTs - so the more HP the better
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    when does victory chest and league boat evaluate medals?

    I personally hover around 1900-2100 medal range and sometimes I start around 1950 and finish the chest with barely over 2000, e.g. 2007 I get the Kingdom league rewards - so I assume it's the rewards from the 'last' battle that fills/finishes the chest
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    Missle silo firing twice after being suppressed by planes

    Hey guys, I've encountered a bug that the missle silo fired twice after being suppressed by my planes. See: I've checked the replay on another account and another device and it always shoots two rockets, also in the attack itself I lost the troops that vaporized...
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    Halloween Event!

    On what kind of drugs are you on buddy?
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    Sooooo... When is the Cold War Age coming out?

    As much as I'd like to see a new age - many players just reached atomic during the summer rush event so most players will still need a few months to catch up on upgrades first. I think beginning of next year would be a good time coupled with time reduction university leader for < global players
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    Anyone at BHG actually try to complete this week's event as Atomic Age?

    Jesus guys, this is not rocket science. While I agree that the 210 battles target is a bit high, it's easy to adapt. Train plain infantry - Search for an opponent with exposed TC - destroy the TC - Surrender - get two stars - counts as a won battle. This is like the 'X quick victories' for the...
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    Matchmaking broke for a moment

    Don't know how this should be possible