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    Commandos are way too powerful for being such an inexpensive innocuous looking unit.

    Commandos are vulnerable in a sense to spike traps (You should have landmines at that level btw). They have around 16k health at max level and landmines at atomic age and higher can 1 shot them. Especially if you're CWA. Last time I saw a commando used against me they didn't make it far.
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    Walls for oil

    Exactly as stated. You should be able to use oil for walls. I'm space age and running out of things other than generals to spend oil on. Seems like a waste to keep looting at maxed oil and yet here I am
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    So while we are changing things please certain troops more helpful.

    Yeah landmines are a huge problem now IMO. My landmines can kill my tanks at full health. HT lose 3/5ths of their health (I only have 15% in the uni on their health) but even after maxing it they would still lose half health from one landmine. I really don't know about this recent patch. When I...
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    Some objective thoughts on the rebalancing.

    Again as Festivus said, you're global age... Look at the rebalance stats, CWA defenses were pretty strong before hand. Towers for instance jump up in health and damage so much from global age that the additional health and damage from the rebalance causes a huge shift in power. Landmines dealing...
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    Some objective thoughts on the rebalancing.

    Like Festivus said, having to spend real money to be viable sucks. You can't speak "objectively" on this topic while you ignore that fact. Yes I understand wanting to make things harder because before attacking was too easy but leaving in and in many cases buffing troop cards makes it borderline...
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    So while we are changing things please certain troops more helpful.

    It's me again with another troop change topic. So while the defense numbers are obviously absurd, I'd like to talk about some of the buffs to troops that were given / could be given. Machine Guns are slightly better now that they do more damage and can shoot over walls. If they get 4 range they...
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    Do you like the rebalance 2? Please vote without bias.

    I looked at the number changes and let me say... The defense number changes (especially in conjunction with the first set of defensive buffs are going to make bases absurdly tanky... Like to the point where most troops will be pea shooters. I think certain troops need more than a number change...
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    Why is CWA rush only 25% off instead of 50% off like it was the previous week?

    Title says it all. What kind of crappy sale is this?
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    So bomber planes...

    I get it from a game balance point. They do take out a whole line of buildings if used correctly so if they had health rivaling fighters they would be monstrous but 5.7k is like nothing when my fighters have 7.9k health. (8.6k including my museum artifacts).
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    So bomber planes...

    I just started the final upgrade on my bomber... I see they tried to upgrade the amount of health they got per level and doubled their health but I think they will still die too fast. When it finishes leveling to strategic bomber mk 6... it'll have about 5.7k health. That's enough to bomb atomic...
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    New legendary artifact

    I also wonder if there's a new legendary artifact at the end and what it covers
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    Museum Change Idea

    Hey guys how would you feel if instead of having to rely completely on RNG for getting good stats on your artifacts, they had a system of paying mysterious shards to "lock" specific attributes on an artifact and reroll the ones you don't want. Maybe something like 75MS per locked stat. Like for...
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    7 months after Missile Silo, are you happy with it

    I don't mind the missile silo anymore but I'm also CWA with maxed out troops and fully upgraded the important troops in my university. I usually put three tanks somewhere that has the least amount of anti tank guns then put the rest of my army out in the closest area to the missile silo that i...
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    Do you want multiple investigations in each character of the university? (Poll)

    I remember saying something like this a while ago and getting flamed but yes. There should be the option of me focusing on one leader.
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    7 months after Missile Silo, are you happy with it

    Level 1 and 2 missile silos are fine. They are annoying of course and I avoid bases that have them well protected but once the silo is level 3 or 4 I don't bother. It has way too much hp to attack without going all out and in multiplayer going all out isn't worth usually when you can just skip...
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    Would you put bazooka into your combo?

    Only if you're one of the few people who have little use for oil and can afford to. I still have to max out the new leader and max out my heavy transport before I even think of using bazookas for fun. I also use them for hard war attacks sometimes because they do bring a lot of damage but...
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    Decoy nerf that isn't just raising their tactic space.

    I never say to upgrade the tactic space. The title literally says that IS NOT MAKING TACTIC SPACE 2. Obviously you want to pick a fight and this is the last time I will reply to you. You obviously have some problems and I wish you the best of luck in life. If you need a friend to talk about what...
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    Decoy nerf that isn't just raising their tactic space.

    You are the one who does not know how to read sir and who also has to result to insults like a child. The title says a way to nerf decoy without raising troop space then you bring up people raising hell over the tactic space raised to two. That was never the point of this post nor was it an...
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    Decoy nerf that isn't just raising their tactic space.

    Your statement is wrong. Decoys set off barbwire, decoy, claymore, ambush traps and landmines. Issue a friendly challenge in your alliance, use decoy against your base in the places with the aforementioned traps and see what happens.
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    Decoy nerf that isn't just raising their tactic space.

    I like how people focus on one point I made. I said OR make it so it doesn't set off traps anymore. Either or...