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    DomiNations Sitrep #1

    Lol, the example seems like a joke. It's like they don't even play or know their own game. The last several changes seem to keep having the opposite consequences of what they are trying to do.
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    DomiNations Sitrep #1

    Why not just ask the community what we want? Hire a community liason that will engage with players on reddit/discord/etc. When Vip Josh got a new job and the role was vacated, we have no one to talk to anymore. Please make defense relevant again. A nation rebalance and a coalitions rebalance...
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    Parliment range isn't 10

    After unlocking the parliment range buff to 10, it seems to still be stuck on a range of 7. The parliment won't even shoot things right near it sometimes. Please fix the range to actually be 10. It would also be nice to see the Canon range along with the spawn range when you click it.
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    NTG Discussion: How to solve the NTG problem once and for all

    I'm not sure why no one is talking about the real problem with the old system. There were rare nations that were hard to farm. So instead of doing the proper thing( NATION REBALANCE!), you make farming NTG's even harder buy not even getting the NTG's you are hunting for. This random NTG update...
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    Not getting any ntgs

    This needs to get fixed quick. Wars are about to come to a halt.
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    Uni Speedup requests disappear

    This have been going on for a while. No compensation or fix yet.
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    Will we ever be able to buy legandaries again?

    I'm happy you don't have a gambling problem. I am not talking about strangers, I am talking about myself. The whole point of the chests is feeding off of people's desire to gamble and beat the house. Also, how is buying a chest and getting a legandary vs buying the legandary outright any...
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    Will we ever be able to buy legandaries again?

    I almost stopped playing the game after spending money on the chests. I felt so dirty and never got the legandary I was going after. It's funny that I want to give BGH money, but they won't let me.
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    Will we ever be able to buy legandaries again?

    We keep getting these gambling chests over and over. I just want to buy a legandary outright and be done with it. Some people have legitimate gambling problems and these chests pray upon people's gambling nature. I think the ability to buy the legandary should be given along side the chests if...
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    Artifact survey sent to vip is inaccessible

    Pretty ridiculous that vip CS went away as regular CS is beyond useless. I sent in a ticket for the survey being unavailable and got a canned response.
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    Seriously I need customer service in game !!!

    I still can't believe they got rid of that position. Josh single handedly kept me interested in the game when I was having issues. Have you noticed that vip 12 still has the perk listed that you have priority access to customer support.
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    Parliament - University Speed-Ups don't seem to work consistently

    I can't believe this is still an issue. It needs to be fixed.
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    Library Icon Bug

    I have had this bug also. It's quite annoying and I hope it gets fixed.
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    University Alliance Speedup-Bugs

    I've experienced this also. It appears when I log out and someone responds to your request while you are offline. I've also determined that it seems to affect Android more than iPhone. If you want your speed-up request to go through, you can just stay at your basevand keep chat open until all 5...