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    9.1 Bugs

    Worst bug is where you do video retrain after a war attack, it retrains everything but decoy. Then.sometime in the next few minutes, regardless of what you do they all disappear - even ones that didnt get killed.
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    Alliance shows empty, cannot start war search

    Same for us as well. Empty alliance screen plus cannot spin a new war since there are 0 people.
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    Google Play remains disconnected

    Same here, also android
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    Forced update with no update available

    This is a all I get. Husband is having the same. I can't log in at all.
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    It's doing a forced update, with none available. So I can't log in.
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    Game Fixes - 1/25/19

    I also suspect this. I was chalking it up to the week of double damage by shooters going away, but it seems more than that.
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    Game Fixes - 1/25/19

    Ninjas also have the same issue. This is still not working right. If defense units open the gate, they go through. If it's closed, they stay there trying to blow it up.
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    Industrial Rush (7/22 - 8/5)

    Instant upgrade is not working yet for me
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    Experienced and New Players wanted MATURE WARRIORS

    No Title Love this alliance