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    Barracks Troops

    It the devs really wanted to bring Barracks Troops back into the action all they had to do was remove the Missile Silo & compensate us for the oil used. It was the Silo that killed off the Barrack Troops to easily that essentially made us all go to Factory Troops.
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    DomiNations v9.3 Player Experience Update

    2.5hrs later still no update
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    DomiNations v9.3 Player Experience Update

    I've cleared the cache, deleted the game & now cannot even reinstall it. The second update never appeared in the Play Store
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    DomiNations v9.3 Player Experience Update

    I never even got the second update to try it out
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    DomiNations v9.3 Player Experience Update

    Having a problem on my Android device, I don't even get to the main loading screen before it crashes back to my main screen
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    30x30 unsuccessful search during the day

    We consistently battle 30 wars & very rarely have any trouble getting a match. Try varying the time when you start your search to align with the time zones in another part of the world, it works for us.
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    Winter for the Ages 2019-2020!

    Beginning to get worried now that there isn't going to be an SA or DA rush. If there is I can't see why they are not updating this list anymore.😭😭
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    My rubies disappeared!

    Mine too & everybody in our alliance has had their rubies disappear
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    War results issue.

    Yep, we just had exactly that same issue on our second war after the match making update.
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    World War is Back

    Our Perk level 3 which gives 3 extra troop spaces isn't working on our war bases either. Can't tell yet about other Perks.
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    Crown dock with daily delivery of elephant archers

    I think this is a good idea
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    Revert the rebalance — a plea to BHG/Nexon

    Where is the evidence for players quitting en masse? Just because some ppl who have decided to leave the game due to the update? People leave games like this everyday for all sorts of reasons but there are plenty of ppl coming in to replace them. Nexon doesn't remove inactive bases so every...
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    Tough time to be a leader

    Our Alliance continues as it always has despite the re balance, we war constantly and haven't lost a single member due to the changes. I'm the leader of our Alliance which started in 2014 and a level 248 CWA. It's important for leaders to not focus on the negatives and to try to focus on ways of...
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    What’s the point of going to war?

    Nobody in our Alliance has quit due to the re-balance and we war back to back as before. Ok it's harder to 5 star now but it's the same for our opposition, we're adjusting to the changes.
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    Aus Elite 1 Recruiting Now

    Aus Elite 1 are looking for dedicated, long-term active people to join us in our quest for World Domination.
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    Australians where are you??

    Hi Aussiemedic, we are an Australian alliance & always looking for new Aussie members, Aus Elite 1 is the name, come and join in the fun as we rampage across the planet.
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    Used to be sometimes exaggerated it's a complete joke!!

    Your alliance is definitely alone, we experience exactly the same thing. We have tried experiments with the strength of our players all to no avail. I can't remember the last time we had an evenly matched war. We don't expect to win every war & are basically not a pay to win alliance but every...
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    Chat bugs 2.0?

    Our alliance is experiencing the same thing