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    Troops need rework and idea

    Your ideas to reform troops are awesome. But devs never listen to us. Even nations unique troops are also outdated. Its high time They need to reform some of troop aspects of the game
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    Dev should make tank versitile and ideas for reforming troops

    W Well said , they really need to reform some troops, mostly barrack’s tank which is too much neglected. Having +1 range is too much needed. Also an increase to its HP. Compared to how much troop space it cost, those tanks are really off balanced. I agree with you, tentaken
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    Some defensive ideas

    what youre saying makes no sense, it was to be balanced rather than focused in only on side (attacking or defensive). If you can set your base strategically defensive even from the higher ages cant defeat you, and if you plan your defense poorly and blame on the resources lower level can five...
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    Reform Anti-Tank guns Damage output

    Im saying about damage dealt by those guns. Like , a clean (without any booster) Level 5 Anti-Tank Gun damage output is 3566 dps. Thats mean it will take away 3566 hp each second after its first shot at its enemy. But if you inspect closely, Antitank guns fire with a 1 second interval. So, that...
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    Reform Anti-Tank guns Damage output

    Make the Anti Tank gun damage output from Damage Per Second to Damage per Shot. Anti-Tank Gun are so Overpowered compared to the Heavy Tanks and other factory infantry. Because, In higher ages the Damage output of the Antitank Gun is increased than the Hp of the Tanks and other Troops. 2-3 well...
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    this is what is wrong with defense it's called neglect!

    Exactly... The effectiveness of the defense lies on the best layout. A proper defensive layout can hold attacks even from its successor age.
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    this is what is wrong with defense it's called neglect!

    Its such a bullshit....if defense gets this much hard, players beyond Info and drone age will start to quit. Try to think of everyone and every age. What suggest , if that become the main defense, new players cant get beyond industrial even if they use 10s of artifacts or Councilors.
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    Gameplay correction

    Please, fix anti-tank guns damage output. It has been so overpowered lately. A clean Heavy tank mk 2 of 28k HP gets terminated by only 2 shot from a level 5 anti-tank gun. Make its damage output to damage per shot, from damage per second. Please, its needed to be changed to keep the game in...