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    Welcome to the Information Age!

    After the upgrade, 3 of my troop tactics (Night Witch, Tornado Bomber, and I forget the third), dropped from level 9 to level 1 with a corresponding loss of power. I filed a ticket with CS, and they said they were investigating, but I’ve heard nothing further. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Information Age v9.0 Update

    With the change 3 of my troop tactics are now showing level 1 rather then the prior level 9. Trying to figure out if it’s just a graphics glitch
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    Problem posting photos to Customer Service

    Trying to post photos of cheaters I come across. When I try, the screenshot takes up the entire screen and I have no way to move forward on my iPad. And NOW I can’t post here because it says the photo exceeds the allowable limit??????
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    Donation bug 0/0

    I stand corrected! Problem is fixed. Thank you
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    Donation bug 0/0

    I am having this same problem too!
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    World War Replays - Beta Test (8/8 - 9/12)

    No Title I like the replays but noticed that my attaker was given 5*s when it clearly shows 1 building remaining at the end of their attack! ???? (Please look at top of photo.) Thank you.