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    Admiral Yi Event! - Unlock a Legendary Artifact, Yi's Helmet!

    Nexxon seems to be trying to run off the higher level players by these events, even though many of them have spent a ton of money on crowns to get to that level. In all events, the higher level players have much higher goals to attain to get the final reward. In loot events, training events...
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    Night Witch (etc) Building purchase

    Night witches and attack helicopters will cause more players to leave this game than anything else that they could do. It is a shame that cheats have been added.
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    World War Pairings

    Recently, the world war pairings system was updated. We were promised that the new pairing system would be much improved. Unfortunately, it is much worse. I can explain exactly what has occurred in this new pairing system, and why it is completely screwed up. There are various ways to pair...