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    They have been under one flag since I started playing in 2016. Definitely not a recent change.
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    Turn Off Replays in World War

    All serious alliances took and shared trap screenshots and even shared videos on YouTube of their attacks before war replays existed. It was a lot of work, kind of a pain, and a real advantage for those who did it. Sort of a rich get richer situation, since the benefits went to those who were...
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    Space Age upgrade times

    Most wars are won in matchmaking. More prep just means being matched against teams who also have done more prep. On average.
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    Defense is way over done

    I also agree with KniferX. They have never fixed the game balance between MP and war since they added the SH and the expectation of using 4 SH armies for war. There is basically no way to make a base beatable with a normal army in MP and not quite beatable with an army twice as big in war. And...
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    So it has been done

    Can't easily tag you because of that space in your username. So responding to your comment here instead of below. Lurking here and on reddit is far more fun for me than playing the game had been for quite a while. The community was always better than the game. A slow drift away vs a clean...
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    Veterans benefit - write your account age here

    The description of your feelings about lower level accounts and war almost exactly matches my experience. Except that my highest level account got banned, so I just stopped entirely instead of mostly. Low level accounts aren't fun any more at all, and the idea of doing the museum grind across...
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    A comment for the way updates are released

    If they have updated it before war day starts, then you can't attack them unless you update as well. If they update after war day starts, you can still attack them (their war base is still locked at the war start version). At least that is how it was the entire time I played. It would be...
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    So it has been done

    BTW, brief update on the Matrix glitch. Nexon closed the access points I published, at least on many devices. I have a reliable source that indicates the war replay access point is still working post update for some. Probably an edge case, but they all are at some level. And the more important...
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    Bastions, are they a new useless addition?

    There may be some technical reason this won't be true, but I look at them and think they are the most OP addition to the game since AR. The nerf of AR combined with the introduction of these is the biggest swing from offense to defense since the rebalance. With 6 bastions, that is effectively...
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    Find a new lead developer and a new team

    The linked post was from 2 months before I started playing. My use of the glitch only started last year, when the matrix bug became widely known and wasn't patched. I think you know it won't get better at this point, come join me back in the real world. Popping in for an occasional view of the...
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    Find a new lead developer and a new team

    I remember when I was brand new to the game and the forums. Chad was threatening to quit / stop spending back then, two and a half years ago now. The very first time was over sandbagging, and we can all see how quickly that was resolved. It is a recurring theme in this forum whenever something...
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    Matrix glitch cheating instructions posted and BHG does nothing

    I note with interest that the new patch notes don't mention anything about fixing this still. But at least AR will be fixed, so the cheaters will be the only ones getting perfect scores.
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    Banned for using Matrix glitch - lazy devs betraying their users

    It isn't fun that you got effectively banned, having the same penalty generically apply to anyone who gets caught regardless of the severity of their offense seems unfair, even if it is clearly within Nexon's rights. Especially when big obvious cheating alliances and players haven't been...
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    Banned for using Matrix glitch - lazy devs betraying their users

    It isn't new to them. It was privately disclosed shortly after the last one was fixed. Which was actually the third or fourth entry point they had put a bandaid on without fixing the underlying problems.
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    Space Age Wonders: Build or Bust?

    If you don't war at all, the large array is the clear winner. The faster rally helps in every battle, and speedups are worth more than economic resource boosts. If you do war, I don't think anything can beat the space shuttle tactic.
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    Matrix glitch cheating instructions posted and BHG does nothing

    I'm happy to report that nexon acted decisively to fix the problem. Wait, no... They actually just deleted the link from these forums instead. However, it is still readily available through a simple online search. And this thread still exists to draw attention to the issue. For now.
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    Campaign to bring back 40 vs 40 wars

    Alternatively - only allow 10v10 wars. But let us have multiple wars going at once in the same alliance, with different players in each. Limit each group of 10 to no more than a three age spread - so atomic to cwa, or iron to medieval. Then only match against teams with the same spread. That...
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    It's been 2 months for assult rally level 4 please take mine to Level 3

    Not fixed at all. Very easy to test and see. It wasn't even included as a fix in the release notes, not sure why tin thinks otherwise.
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    Assault Rally tactic - Appears to be REDUCING troop DPS at higher AR levels

    Definitely not fixed. They don't appear to have changed it at all in the latest release. The stats and performance haven't changed at all. Tin must be confused, because the release notes don't even mention fixing it and they definitely didn't touch it.
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    New Members

    Saying hello is the first rule of our alliance, it is in the alliance description. If you can't read and follow it, goodbye. Communication is key to war, and most of the point of having people in our alliance outside of war as well - people to discuss the game with, or maybe things beyond the...