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    Inter-alliance artifact trading feature

    That would be awesome. An option to 'loan' artifacts to alliance-mates would be nice. The artifact(s) can be made available to alliance-mates and whoever wants to use it can borrow it with an option available to the artifact's owner to retrieve the artifact when they choose as well as if they...
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    Artifact ReRoll event

    So would I. An option to craft multiple artifacts (similar to fusing in the Council building) instead of painfully crafting artifacts one at a time in the current mind-numbing manner. Displaying 2-4 artifacts per craft would make it more fun and less of a chore than it already is.
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    Saving sets in Museum and see VIP level

    Players should be able to save different sets of museum artifacts - both MP and WW. At least 2 sets for each MP and WW museums.
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    3rd Armory Slot

    This must be done
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    4th of July?

    I agree completely. There should've been a July 4th event and there was also no July 1st Canada Day event, either. Very disgraceful.
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    Plane paths explained

    Thanks for this - much appreciated
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    Summer for the Ages 2020 - Need an official response

    Agreed. Hopefully it's not a last-minute thing a day or two before it begins.
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    Parliament researchs

    It resets each day back to the base 14/15k gold/food for the first donation
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    Parliament: List of Contributors and Amounts

    Agreed. Total member donations should absolutely be a feature seen in the Parliament building itself.
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    Parliament researchs

    15 donations/day before crowns are required.
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    Please Stop giving Mercs on Forest Clears

    Agreed. I can't believe it doesn't scale up as your account ages up.
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    Blessing Retrain

    Lol Brilliant
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    Which will be the last age?

    New content (aside from new ages and +1/2 levels on buildings/troops) would be awesome. With that said, I'd expect there to be a price tag and going by what other content is priced at, it would be unreasonable. But, anything's possible, right? As for ages, as long as the game is profitable, I...
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    Regulating ‘loot boxes’

    Good luck.
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    Please Put Your Oil Refinery Unprotected

    I second this !
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    Collateral Damage for Bombers

    Let's have traps killing the defensive troops that wander over them, too.
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    Idea to speed up early age progress

    I think it would be better having the speedups or whatever added into the game for lower levels much more blatantly, like some sort of package for new players as their account is created without enough speedups to finish everything in the first age. After aging up, another package would be given...
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    Idea to speed up early age progress

    Agreed. It's shocking that something hasn't been implemented to help new players get through the earlier ages faster.
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    Why are my posts not showing?..

    20 total messages, whether it's a new threat or a reply, I believe.
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    Why are my posts not showing?..

    Was Tin the only one we've had so far?