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    DomiNations Update 12.2 - Museum Loadouts

    First thanks for museum layouts. This is an extremly important feature to have & I hope you will continue to improve this game. Yes there are bugs regarding this feature. It is unclear at the moment which behaviour we have, but at the very least visual issue, maybe even wrong layouts apply. It...
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    Eventually this 3rd slot might be added at high age like Info age or even Drone. But yes at some point, it becomes impossible catching up with 3 or 4 level 110 generals + planes ( 6 upgrades per age per plane... ) + Troops for TC or other donation like MRL / AC / MG / Infantry + Troops for one...
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    Outfitting munitions - should not be locked

    It is certainly expected to have defenders need to upgrade defense buildings. Not 100% sure it isn't expected to need to also upgrade offense units ( I do not discuss the machine gun here. This is an official requirement for defenders to upgrade MG in armory. So this case is specific.)
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    Outfitting munitions - should not be locked

    Uh ? Yes I am auto age but obviously my armory is running 24 hours a day, resources are definitely not an issue !! My APC is maxed. But not my infantry .. not main battle tanks... Who has maxed main battle tanks ?
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    Outfitting munitions - should not be locked

    Well we have been warned but there is still an issue... Recently upgrade times were cut down because those are an issue for player base...
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    Outfitting munitions - should not be locked

    Currently - it is possible to have max stables producing auto age cavalry, while not possible to assign top munitions to barrack tank unit provided its level in armory is too low - same for captain APC spawning captain infantry...assuming the infantry armory level is not high enough, it is not...
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    DomiNations Update 12.1 - Manufactory Arrives!

    Hello, please confirm - Munitions assigned to Infantry benefit troops from garrison + ambush traps - Riflemen munitions benefit to houses spawned riflemen - Main battle tank munitions to Stable spawned tanks + forest def. - Assault Vehicle munitions to trap spawned AV - MG munitions -> MG tower...
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    DomiNations Update 12.0 - Automation Age

    Nice, thanks for the effort on communicating stats! appreciated
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    Summer for the Ages 2023 Makes Waves!

    seems hard to balance. Top D miss attacks because they scout. Top O attack more difficult bases than lower tiers. Also best alliances face very difficult bases... At least in Mp you can still drop medals if you really want. A top alliance will not drop rank - and would be too long.
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    Need help with new war troop combo

    Mortars + artillery + APCs are mostly played with transports. Either trransports allows to snipe missile silo ; or some generals + merc will serve to absorb missile silo, while ground troops are elsewhere. mortars easily kill defenders, artillery easily destroys buildings. Generally deployed in...
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    DomiNations: The Road Ahead

    Peace treaties i am not sure to get the point :)
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    DomiNations: The Road Ahead

    Awesome analysis by Oddin ( well, as usual!) . Particularly the top first point = replays. About WW size / duration... excellent but i am afraid player base does not allow to have too much various situations. ( player base is a limit, but also the fact a top 100 alliance typically only has fair...
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    Time for 50/50

    Hi all! Core members + visitors, we are close to 100 players. We will start a 50/50 soon. If you want to participate join us InvictusWizards Rebel Wizards Also other alliances may be interested for cross alliances 50/50! Tell us ! Note if you join as of June 29th...
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    Coming Soon - Temporary Artifacts

    Those temporary artefacts seems to be way too much powerful. for MP it is absolutely *not* an issue. For War it is a big issue. You would make it clear to every player this game cannot be won without P2W. WW legendaries are a different history. These are permament. I am not fond of it because i...
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    Wizards family of alliances

    Hey! We are excited to announce that with our recent merger with Rebels United, the Templars family of alliances continues to evolve and grow together as we transition to the new Wizards family of alliances! Our discord - InvictusWizards InvictusWizards is our...
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    Mortar and artillery troops are unstoppable

    Hi Sergio, you do not provide lvl of attacker and defender ; SH; layouts... But assuming two maxed drones , this is something possible yes particularly if bases allows some sniping ( taking DC to use BZ / taking silo / some spawning buildings)
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    Is the game server really hacked?

    @B like Big Bug Darknet is heavily marketed yes, but it exists - somewhat like the internet, it is not one single thing ran by a mafia, but a collection of various stuff, and we just call darknet why actually there are many darknets and actually many of these sites of just doing moral stuff...