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    There is rumor about 6.3 release and meseum

    It's disappointing that the promised Design Spotlight on the Museum is no where to be found
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    Third Anniversary Global Community Event!

    No, it's not a permanent building.
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    Customer service

    You may switch to the Chinese interface of the game on the Asia version to have CS in Chinese.
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    Account lost. Customer support ignoring me.

    That's probably the reason. I suppose you need to get the Asia version in order to retrieve your account, unless TinSoldier is able to do something about it. I have once deleted the game due to an issue then reinstalled it, and my progress was still intact despite it wasn't connected to Google...
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    Account lost. Customer support ignoring me.

    What's the color of the elongated circle with words in it at the left of the Asia version CS ticket interface? The color of it can hint the status of the ticket.
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    Where is Mr Polo

    Thanks for your response regarding this matter. However, the response from Nb4Powerup which you quoted is not convincing and it's contradicting to the actual situation on the Asia version. I made a follow up response to the answer you quoted above further down in that thread: Here's the...
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    Not getting daily Victory chest rewards for 15 stars challenge

    Have you checked your Inventory? Trade Goods/NTGs, Blessings, Recruits, Tactics nd Lures goes straight into the Inventory since the latest update, while Troop Tactics goes straight into the Stronghold. It takes a few minutes for them to appear in the Inventory/Stronghold though. ​​​​​
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    Boring Prediction of Next Release

    Not a bad thing to reduce the time needed for upgrades. Don't forget we still have Cold War Age and Space Age to come.
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    they told us that we can sell ruby for troop card

    Nope, you are very probably not on the Asia server. The Asia version(officially known as DomiNations Asia) is only offered to those who download the game in East Asia(including Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan). If the game is downloaded in other parts of Asia or the rest of the...
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    they told us that we can sell ruby for troop card

    Those chests are not available on the Asia version.
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    Where is Mr Polo

    Thanks for your( TinSoldier ) clarification on the whereabouts of Marco Polo. I am glad to see our long missed friend, Marco Polo, back on the Asia version this weekend. I hope his appearance on the Asia version is not a one time thing but a regular one, ie weekly. I look forward to seeing him...
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    Where is Mr Polo

    Both the International version and the Asia version offer English as the default game language, but only the Asia version offer player the choice of switching to Chinese(Traditional), Korean and Japanese game interface.
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    Where is Mr Polo

    The Asia version is offered to those who download the game in East Asia. Apparently, it is illegal(or against certain industry guidelines?) for online games to have gecha style contents in Japan.
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    Where is Mr Polo

    So, it has been almost 2 months since we last saw Marco Polo on the Asia version regularly. Our forum Mods pointed out that some of his items offered does not comply with the relevant laws in certain Asian countries/regions when I initially brought this up in August(...
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    How to contact customer support - link is dead

    Scroll down to the bottom of this page, press the "Support" hyperlink there, then choose "DomiNations", scroll down to the bottom of the Support page of DomiNations, there's a "Contact Us" button where you can get to CS.
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    Players on Different Versions of DomiNations are Treated Unequally

    Any updates regarding the inability to search for non "Clean Language Only" alliances on the Asia version? Nb4powerup ​​​
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    Being Locked Out: Game Crashed When Loading (4 weeks and still unsolved)

    I have been unable to access my DomiNations account since 11th August, which is exactly 4 weeks ago. The game crashed at the loading screen every time I attempted to get in, even on a second device. I have contacted CS, which I was told that the issue had been forwarded to the development team...
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    Dominations throws me out?

    An update for Android will be released on 28th August at 2pm UTC, which will make DomiNations compatible on Android O(aka Android 8.0).
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    How to get members quickly

    You may advertise your alliance in the Alliance Gate board of this forum, player-initiated communities and official social media pages of DomiNations. ​​​​
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    Dominations throws me out?

    DomiNations Asia issued an official statement regarding this matter last Friday(18th August) as Android O will be officially released soon. I might have written it the wrong way though, should be DomiNations currently does not support Android O.